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NAB 2015: Integrated multiviewer for Kahuna; three new modules for Maverik
Posted on Monday, April 13, 2015
Snell production switcher range gains yet more capabilities and applications

NAB 2015, Snell unveiled a format-independent, integrated multiviewer for its Kahuna switcher range and three new ‘Mav’ modules for its Maverik configurable switcher control panel.

The new Kahuna multi-format multiviewer is fully integrated into the switcher mainframe and will be a standard feature on all Kahuna 4800, 6400 and 9600 production switchers. The Kahuna multiviewer combines multiple formats into a single 1920 x 1080 multiviewer output head. Up to six output heads are supported, delivering up to 24 on-screen windows (or tiles). The multiviewer includes a wide range of preset layouts, and all external and internal sources on the Kahuna are selectable to all heads and windows, enabling users to instantly customize the display to the individual needs of a production, and save them as presets for future use.

The Kahuna multiviewer is perfectly suited to handling all the needs of more compact productions, and will play a valuable complementary role in larger productions – for example, handling in-production switching needs (backgrounds etc), so reducing the complexity and cost of the overall Multiviewer strategy.  The Kahuna multi-format multiviewer will be released in mid-2015.

The modular architecture of the Kahuna Maverik configurable control panel allows complete flexibility in design and enables the panel to be reconfigured on a production by production basis. At NAB Snell introduced three new ‘Mav’ modules to extend this versatility even further – audio Mav, automation Mav and auxiliary Mav.

The audio and automation Mavs are both aimed at delivering comprehensive single person operation. The automation Mav enables one-button call-up of pre-built scenarios; for example, switching in field-side reporters inset into the main studio background. The new audio Mav gives the switcher operator instant audio level control – for example, to cut out crowd sounds or passing traffic. The auxiliary Mav enables comprehensive local auxiliary control – external DVEs, switching in specific locations or in-program set-ups.

“The new multiviewer builds yet more capability into the Kahuna mainframe, saving valuable space and power while providing all the multiviewer capabilities necessary for many productions – all for no extra cost on new systems,” said John Carter, Senior Product Manager at Snell. “The new modules for Maverik add further to its versatility; whatever the job, Maverik has all the tools you need – in all the right places.”