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NAB 2015: IQ Modular embraces IP; Media Biometrics set to revolutionize broadcast operations
Posted on Monday, April 13, 2015
New Snell monitoring backbone products bring new levels of confidence and assurance to broadcasting

At NAB 2015, Snell announced a range of new modules for its IQ Modular backbone product range that further extend its capabilities in the repurposing of media assets, providing edge services for IP networks and signal monitoring – the latter marking the field debut of Snell’s revolutionary Media Biometrics signal monitoring and assurance technology.

New monitoring modules
The IQSAM00 uses Snell Media Biometrics signatures to check and maintain lip-sync. It monitors SD, HD and 3G SDI signals by inserting a biometric signature at a known ‘good’ point then checking the progress of the signal throughout the system, reporting errors for immediate action or to event logs. The IQSAM00 also checks and reports on audio channel mapping, and is available now.

The IQLAM00 is a logo assurance module which uses Media Biometrics to check and report on the presence or absence of the correct logo at channel playout – vital for channel branding confidence in live operations. The IQLAM00 can store multiple logos for recall during playout, and will report via either RollCall or SNMP, and will be available in Q2 2015.

The IQMBG80 generates video and audio Media Biometrics signals for up to eight SDI inputs in a standard IQ form factor module. This provides the basis for confidence signal monitoring and reporting throughout the broadcast chain in a compact, cost-efficient (around $100 per channel) unit and will be available in Q3 2015.

The IQASI25 DVB-ASI changeover switch completes the range of new monitoring modules introduced at NAB. It continuously monitors two MPEG2 DVB ASI transport streams, checking for loss of carrier signal, transport streams sync loss and loss of PAT (Program Association Table). The IQASI25’s automatic operation is user configurable and integrates with RollCall for centralized monitoring and reporting.

New media repurposing modules
The IQMCC30 module delivers motion-compensated up/down/cross standards conversion. Based on Snell’s KudosPro technology, the IQMCC30 is ideal for delivering premium content to domestic and international audiences, and includes synchronization, aspect ratio conversion, signal correction, audio tools, noise reduction and metadata support, streamlining workflows.

The IQQMD00 module uses high quality scaling and filtering of 4K UHD-1 signals to deliver superb 1080i, 1080p or 720p pictures. The module’s small form factor makes it an ideal addition to the new generation of 4K remote trucks where monitoring and delivery of HD signals is required.

IP network modules
The IQMIT00 provides IP encoding for up to 12 SDI signals, using VC2 mezzanine, low-latency compression. It is compatible with standard layer 3 routers and hardware, so will integrate with distributed switching systems. A SMPTE 2022-6 option is also available.  The IQMIR00 is the partner module, decoding up to 12 IP streams to SDI.

“The IQ Modular range now includes over 2000 modules and there are over half a million of them in service with broadcasters around the world,” said Steve Cole, Snell Product Manager, Live TV. “The deployment Media Biometrics technology in the new monitoring modules brings with it a whole new level of intelligent control and monitoring to broadcast operations that will enable them to scale operations confidently – without scaling costs too.”