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Snell delivers first Media Biometrics-enabled products at NAB 2015
Posted on Monday, April 13, 2015
Revolutionary technology breakthrough brings human-quality intelligence to automated broadcast monitoring

At NAB 2015, Snell introduced the first products enabled with its Media Biometrics intelligent monitoring technology, so beginning a revolution in production system efficiency.

For years, the search has been on for a technology that will reliably identify problems or inconsistencies in media streams. Why? To enable broadcast operations to scale to support multiple channels and versions to address an increasingly fragmented audience, but without scaling costs in parallel. To meet this need, Snell has been developing Media Biometrics. NAB 2015 sees the first Media Biometrics-enabled products unveiled. These are:

Media Biometrics generator for audio and video module 
The new IQMBG80 generates Media Biometrics signals for up to eight SDI inputs in a standard IQ form factor module.

Media Biometrics lip-sync and track mapping module
The new IQSAM00 uses Media Biometrics signals to check and maintain lip-sync and audio channel mapping.

Media Biometrics logo assurance module
The IQLAM00 provides channel branding confidence in live operations, checking and reporting on the presence or absence of the correct logo at channel playout.

Media Biometrics for ICE Channel-in-a-Box
ICE now includes Snell Media Biometrics, extending its media intelligence right through the production chain to playout, providing the ultimate in quality assurance.

“Media Biometrics has the potential to bring broadcasters the massive efficiency gains they need as they continue to launch more and more channels to maintain revenues without scaling costs,” said Neil Maycock, Quantel and Snell VP Marketing. “The Media Biometrics products we are launching at NAB cover many of the issues media organizations face today; more Media Biometrics products will follow later this year.”

Model: ICE - Channel-in-a-Box