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Released: DTA-2175 - HD-SDI/ASI Input+Output with Relay Bypass
Posted on Friday, March 1, 2019

The DTA-2175 is a no-nonsense HD-SDI input and an HD-SDI output on a compact PCIe card, with two on-board relays for automatic failover support. Typical applications of the DTA-2175 include SDI generation and/or capturing, and inline processing of SDI signals, e.g. inserting a logo or subtitling, embedding audio or adding ANC data packets.

Both the input and output port support ASI too. This enables mixed compressed/uncompressed applications like software-based encoders (SDI to ASI) and decoders (ASI to SDI).

The DTA-2175 hardware supports 3G-SDI, but the current firmware of the DTA-2175 supports up to HD-SDI. Firmware support for 3G-SDI will be added later in 2019.

A watchdog-controlled relay can automatically bypass the hardware upon a software- or hardware crash, and even upon a PC power failure. This allows you to create highly-available SDI (or ASI) generators.

Both PCs run the same application. Normally, SDI output originates from PC1. If PC1 fails, the relay will automatically fail over to PC2, bypassing PC1.

DekTec Matrix API® 2.0 enables you to create custom applications on top of the DTA-2175. This API implements all the low-level SDI details, making life much easier for application developers. Convenient Matrix-API features include directly working with audio- and video samples, pixel-format- and bit-width conversion, video scaling and more.

The DTA-2175 is low-profile and extra short, fitting well in small server devices. It's the successor of the DTA-2145, our best-seller product for adding ASI I/O to servers. Stock is available. Please contact your DekTec representative for further information and quotations.