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Model: DTE-3114

The four-channel QAM modulator with IP (TS-over-IP) inputs and RF output agile over the VHF and UHF band.
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Twelve-Channel Receiver Card Goes Terrestrial
Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2019

You can now monitor an entire terrestrial or cable network using a single PCIe multi-receiver card. The new DTA-2139B houses twelve (!) receivers to capture any mix of cable (DVB-C, QAM-B/C) and terrestrial (DVB-T, DVB-T2, even ISDB-T) signals. All services in the twelve received transport streams can be simultaneously and continuously monitored in real time, with DekTec's Xpect Mosaic, with a 3rd party solution or with your own compliancy-checking application.

The main application of the DTA-2139B is simultaneous monitoring of all the transport streams in a cable or terrestrial network. Streams can be monitored for compliancy, they can be recorded (compliance recording) or a mix of services can be decoded and put in a mosaic.

Another application is receiving a bouquet of services and remultiplexing them on another network, e.g. receiving several DVB-T2 transport streams and transcoding them to IP, or remultiplex and modulate the received services on a local cable network. Other creative applications are conceivable, e.g. generating a large number of TS-over-IP services (e.g. for testing purposes) simply by receiving free-to-air DVB-T2 services.

The DTA-2139B is the successor of the DTA-2139. Several improvements have been made using state-of-the-art technology and the latest generation tuner and demodulator chips. The loop-through output of the DTA-2139 has been dropped, leaving more power (=less noise) for the on-board receivers. Together, the combination of several small improvements yields a significant boost in the performance and functionality of the DTA-2139B.

For developers, the product comes with our free and field-proven SDK (DTAPI). Applications have access to the complete transport stream from each of the twelve receivers. Additionally, each receiver provides lock status, RF level, MER and bit error rate.