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My Top 10 from CES
Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

When I went to CES this year I saw some amazing and incredible technologies. In case you’re curious, I’m sharing my Top 10 observations from this year’s show.

No. 1: 8K TVs Everywhere!

Despite the fact that there is no 8K content available, there was little shortage of 8K TVs at CES. They were OLED and QLED and other acronyms – with built-in upconversion from HD and 4K, fortunately – and virtually every display was 65 inches or bigger (So much for putting one in my bathroom!). They are driven by HDMI2.1 at 48Gbit/s….

No. 2: Screens Are Reimagined

In addition to traditional rectangular screens were new generations of flexible and curved displays in various shapes and sizes. The most relevant applications so far appear to be phones (curved) and advertising displays.

No. 3: ATSC 3.0 Advances + ASICS

Multiple chips supporting ATSC 3.0 now are available, and they likely will enable development of ATSC 3.0-compatible TV tuners, set-top boxes, dongles, and WiFi gateways within the coming year. This year’s CES also made it evident that broadcasters are digging into the ATSC 3.0 business model and, coming up with some more concrete and interesting ideas that will help the industry move forward.


No. 4: Immersive Audio Gets Smarter

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into TV is making a big impact on audio experiences. AI-enabled TVs are analyzing room conditions for factors such as background noise and assessing the characteristics of a program’s audio in real time resulting in continuously adjusting and optimizing its output.

No. 5: 5G Focus Ramps Up

5G phones, devices, and chips — everyone was talking about them. Most important is that 5G will allow for a high-speed deep data connection to the cloud from anywhere. This capability will be a future enabler for numerous AI applications, and particularly critical for use cases such as communications between self-driving cars and between those cars and a central database system.

No. 6: AI Use Cases Expand

Of all the things at CES with a sci-fi look and feel, I found the use of AI-enabled facial recognition to facilitate targeted advertising to individuals was the most striking. (Creepy?) The integration of AI into computers to enable real-time optimization based on current activity was less striking but definitely significant.

No. 7: Wearables Transform Healthcare?

Wearables at CES were most interesting this year because they were positioned by some vendors as a next step in healthcare. Rather than – or in addition to? – scheduling regular health checkups, people theoretically can take advantage of monitoring technology within wearables to alert them if bio data suggests a problem and that a doctor’s visit might be appropriate. The data goes beyond just EKG data, and it’s clear that more functionality for personal health monitoring is on the way.

No. 8: Startups Show Up at CES

CES stats reveal that there were 1,200 startups in Eureka Park and they came from all around the world. Their ideas ranged from great to good to terrible, but it was exciting to see so many innovative young companies, 315 of which came from France! (Thanks to the generous French government startup development program)

No. 9: Smart Home Hits Home

Do you ever feel like no one is listening to you? Well, that’s about to change. Invest in smart home devices, networked and voice-controlled, and you’ll always have an audience! Companies such as Amazon and Google highlighted their solutions at CES this year by doubling their exhibition space.

No. 10: CES 2019 Was a Hit

The numbers for CES 2019 were good! According to the CES, this year’s show featured more than 4,500 exhibitors and drew an estimated 188,000 attendees, 63,000 of whom came from outside the U.S.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the most interesting and memorable aspects of CES 2019. Was there any technology you found especially compelling? Let me know!



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