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Multi-Channel Modulation on Single-Channel Hardware
Posted on Thursday, March 12, 2015

The new "multi-channel modulation" option enables modulating multiple channels on single-channel hardware. For example, it allows you to generate two DVB-T2 channels with a single DTA-2111. With this option you can create a grid of channels at an attractive price point.

Applications include:

  • Generating a full network of channels in an R&D or Test & Validation environment
  • Broadcast/VOD systems for hospitality, hotels, campus, etc.

Multi-channel modulation is currently available for the DTA-2111 and DTA-2115. It allows applications using the DekTec SDK (also known as DTAPI) to generate multiple adjacent channels through one output channel. To support multi-channel modulation, DTAPI adds one new parameter to the Write and GetFifoLoad methods to select the sub-channel. Furthermore, a SetMultiModConfig method has been added to configure multi-channel operation.

This new capability is included in the GOLD-option. It can also be ordered separately as DTC-384-SWMC. On the DTA-2111, multi-modulation only makes sense if it is used in combination with the DTC-380-16MHZ option.

Multi-channel modulation supports all modulation standards used in the VHF/UHF band, but it also has a number of limitations: The sub-channels must use precisely the same modulation settings, the maximum combined bandwidth is about 16MHz (CPU-bound) and it is not available for satellite modulation standards.