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DekTec`s mission is to design and manufacture digital-video PCIe and standalone interface adapters with associated software for acquisition and distribution of content in digital signage, hospitality, T&M and OEM markets. DekTec offers modulators PCIe cards, Networked interfaces and video over IP/ RF troubleshooting tools. DekTec works with end users, reseller and integrators.

Model: DTU-236A-SX

Light-weight, easy-to-use RF adapter for tuning to any UHF/VHF or cable channel in the 44 to 1002-MHz range. Supports for all QAM variants, auto-sensing 44-MHz IF support. Sensitive front-end allowing
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DekTec Expands to New Facility
Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2016
DekTec Expands to New Facility Westminster, Colorado: DekTec America announced that its U.S. operations have moved to a new facility in Westminster, Colorado.  Approximately 10 miles from the previous space, the new location provides for continued expansion.

“It has just what we need – lots of room for R&D, inventory, test benches and growth,” said Stephane Billat, General Manager at DekTec America.

About: DekTec is a manufacturer of PC add-on cards, USB devices, IP converters and software for the professional digital-television market. DekTec products are used for test and measurement, to build broadcast infrastructure, and as OEM components integrated in PC-based products.  Additionally, DekTec works with product designers and engineers who qualify DTV equipment. Details here:


DekTec America Inc. 1020 W. 124th Ave., Suite 100, Westminster, Colorado 80234 USA
Stephane Billat, +1 303 318 4298