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Now Shipping: DTA-2174 - UHD Adapter for PCI Express
Posted on Thursday, December 4, 2014
DekTec's first 4K capable PCIe adapter, the DTA-2174, enables you to generate and receive uncompressed UHD signals with a PC. Transport of the 4K signal to and from PC memory is highly optimized, so that the software can process it in real-time. The DekTec SDK has been extended with Matrix API 2.0 to facilitate writing low-delay HD and UHD applications.

DTA-2174The DTA-2174 is a low-profile PCI express card with four 3G-SDI ports and analogue genlock. The four ports can be combined into a SMPTE 425-5 quad-3G link to carry an UHDTV signal. Alternatively, as is common for many DekTec cards, each port can be configured independently as input or output.

Apart from 4K and 3G-SDI, the ports also support SD- and HD-SDI, as well as DVB-ASI for compressed signals. Other hardware features include scaling of video, conversion between 8, 10 and 16 bits, and separation of video, audio and ancillary data. Two RS-422 ports are present for control of a deck and the genlock port accepts bi- and tri-level reference sources.

The hardware of the DTA-2174 employs a second generation of the matrix buffer architecture, originally introduced on the DTA-2152 and DTA-2154. This architecture enables random access to HANC, VANC and active video in the onboard memory. A high performance DMA engine copies the data at 16Gbps over a four-lane PCI express gen3 interface.

The DTA-2174 comes with Matrix API 2.0 for facilitating real-time processing of uncompressed video entirely in software. This next-generation framework  takes care of the multi-threaded 'plumbing' that makes writing real-time applications so difficult. With Matrix API 2.0, you can write a useful real-time application that processes uncompressed UHD signals with just a few lines of code!