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SAM highlights its new multi-platform News Solution and industry-leading IP Edge Routing System at NAB Show New York
Posted on Monday, October 31, 2016
SAM highlights its new multi-platform News Solution and industry-leading IP Edge Routing System at NAB Show New York

At the NAB Show New York, SAM (Booth #1503) will be presenting its new multi-platform News Solution together with its Go! Production Suite providing support for any format of video, ultra-fast editing, automated versioning and multi-platform publishing. SAM will also demonstrate its IP Edge Routing System, ICE Channel-in-a-Box and Morpheus Automation as well as its 1 M/E and 2 M/E production switcher, Kula.

Russ Johnson, SVP of Americas at SAM, commented, “It’s been just over a year since Snell officially fused with Quantel to form SAM. Collectively we’ve leveraged our experience to become a trusted partner for our customers in North America and to pioneer the way content is created and delivered in an increasingly mobile and social environment. Our proven Kahuna family of switchers and IP solutions, combined with our newly launched SAM News Solution, promise to further fortify SAM in the broadcast landscape and set the standards for the industry as it continues to evolve.”

SAM’s News Solution - Open, integrated and future-proofed fast turnaround news editing
The SAM News Solution is a fully scalable ecosystem for news production. SAM has a strong heritage in fast-turnaround production and with its latest addition of the Go! Production Suite, ensures news outlets can access and edit content from anywhere on a wide range of Newsroom and Mobile devices.  Go! is browser-based and enables “edit everywhere” capability with specific workflows optimized to quickly get breaking news out to social media and on the air. Featuring an edit timeline that works as you’d expect, remote live media can be viewed and combined with locally shot content, including a voice over. Combined with video and audio transitions, users can quickly and easily add the finesse they need to produce a news package suitable for broadcast and social media.

ICE Channel-in-a-Box and Morpheus Automation technology
ICE, SAM’s Channel-in-a-Box solution and Morpheus Automation will be on display to demonstrate how SAM meets the demands many enterprise-scale organizations face when delivering content to more platforms and devices than ever before. Morpheus will be on hand to showcase SAM’s capacity to provide a scalable, multi-channel and multi-screen playout automation solution for broadcast organizations. SAM’s full playout solution, whether it be using ICE hardware for SDI or IP playout, or ICE SDC for virtualized playout, organizations can keep up with the pace of new devices and ensure resources are dynamically deployed where and when they’re needed most.

Delivering the most comprehensive IP solution on the market
SAM is at the forefront of developments in IP with its IP Edge Routing System; this product being the industry’s first to support multiple signal types including SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2022-7; VSF TR-03 and 04. Additionally, it can handle integrated IP & SDI control, audio breakaway, UHD over IP, SMPTE 2022-7 signal flow redundancy and SMPTE 2059 signal timing for broadcasters over IP and seamless integration between SDI and IP production systems.

Kula production switcher streamlines the future of 4K
SAM’s 1 M/E and2 M/E Kula production switcher is generating strong momentum in the industry, breaking new ground with its price point and performance combination. Capable of handling 4K/1080p/HD and SD in 1 M/E and 2 M/E versions, Kula can manage multiple formats making it both future-proof and adaptable for today’s production environment. Kula offers a powerful set of features in a compact system for all applications, including sports, broadcast, worship, entertainment and events/conferences.