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SAM’s human-like intelligent monitoring across the media production chain becomes a reality
Posted on Friday, September 11, 2015

At IBC 2015, SAM introduced the SigMA Media Assurance application, the latest addition to the Media Biometrics intelligent monitoring technology suite, bringing human-like intelligent monitoring to every stage of the media production chain. Media Biometrics, which is now shipping, enables media operations to scale without increasing headcount.

Media Biometrics does this by taking signal monitoring and assurance to a whole new level; it is a unique technology that allows media to be identified, analyzed and compared at multiple stages in the production chain. Media Biometrics creates lightweight signatures from signal, stream or file-based media. Comparison and analysis of these enable media organizations to automatically ensure the integrity of signals through to delivery, that the media is the ‘right’ media and that attributes such as lip-sync are maintained after processing has taken place. Traditionally this has largely relied on human eyes; as the number of signals grows, monitoring this way has required an equivalent increase is monitoring staff. Media Biometrics at a stroke eliminates this barrier to growth.

The new SigMA Media Assurance application is a central collation and reporting hub for Media Biometrics signals. SigMA adds critical signal assurance information to SAM’s facility-wide RollCall system control and monitoring. 

Media Biometrics-enabled SAM systems include: IQ Modular, Sirius routers, Kahuna switchers and ICE CiaB systems, covering the whole signal path from ingest to playout and beyond.

“Media Biometrics is a truly revolutionary technology that brings media organizations the massive efficiency gains they need without scaling costs as they continue to launch more and more services,” said Neil Maycock, SAM EVP Marketing. “Media Biometrics is human-like intelligence without the humans!”