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New Quantel Rio range introduces HDR, wide color gamut and cost-effective collaborative workflows
Posted on Friday, September 11, 2015

SAM introduced its new Quantel Rio range of color and finishing systems at IBC. There is now a choice of three turnkey systems – 2K, 4K and 8K, and two software only options – 4K and the new Rio Assist workflow partner. In addition, SAM introduced Rio Connect, a collaborative workflow engine that enables cost-effective media sharing between up to eight Quantel Rio systems. All Quantel Rio models benefit from the new V3 software on show at IBC, which supports HDR and native color space media (providing wider color gamuts) with 32-bit floating-point or 16-bit half-float processing.

The Quantel Rio 2K turnkey system is perfect for TV program and commercials finishing houses; multiple systems teamed together with Rio Connect delivers the kind of flexibility post houses need to tackle short-deadline projects across multiple Rio suites, or instantly move a project from one suite to another.  The new Quantel Rio 4K turnkey system offers unmatched power and capability for high end TV and movie finishing. Not only does it boast twice the storage capacity and RAM of the previous 4K model, it also taps the hugely increased processing power of the NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU (double the performance of two Tesla K20 GPUs), and includes 4K HFR output support as standard. At the top of the range, Quantel Rio 8K is the only color and finishing system on the market that delivers realtime working at 8K 60p.

Quantel Rio was on show at IBC demonstrating advanced HDR color and finishing workflows, displayed on a Canon DP-V3010 HDR monitor. The new V3 software includes support for native color spaces, including ITU-R BT 2020, DCI-P3 and ACES, and HDR with multiple transfer curves covering a range of EOTF (Electro-Optical Transfer Function) requirements including SMPTE ST 2084. So flexible is Quantel Rio’s workspace that multiple color spaces and transfer curves can be mixed on the same timeline, and only committed to the chosen format on output.

“The new Quantel Rio range has a perfect-fit solution for every color and finishing application,” said Damon Hawkins, SAM Product Manager. “Quantel Rio is the most powerful and capable system on the market, making it the natural choice for client-attended sessions, and its continuing rapid development – now delivering interactive HDR and wide color gamut operation - ensures that our TV finishing and post house customers can continue to offer leading edge color and finishing services.”