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NTP Referenced Master Clock/Time Code Generator

Model: ES-188E

  • Features
  • SMPTE LTC, ESE, EBU, IRIG-B, ASCII (RS-232 & USB) Time Code outputs
  • NTP Output Port (RJ-45, IPv6)
  • Supports Authentication
  • 1 PPS (pulse-per-second) output
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The ES-188E is an NTP referenced Master Clock and Time Code Generator. It displays nine digits (Day of Year, Hour, Minute & Second) of time as received via a user selected NTP server. Simultaneously, the ES-188E generates several types of time code including SMPTE LTC, ESE-TC89, ESE-TC90, ASCII (RS-232C & USB), EBU, IRIG-B and a 1PPS signal. These outputs allow the ES-188E to easily interface with new or existing computers, automation and clock systems.

Software supplied with the ES-188E permits users to continuously update a computer's Windows' clock to the time available on the USB port. Other features allow the user to select SMPTE mode (DF, NDF, EBU & Real Time), offset the Time Zone displayed and output by the ES-188E and advance or delay the time output for various synchronizing purposes.

A user may find the ES-188E particularly beneficial if: 1) The user has trouble getting a reliable GPS Signal into a facility, such as a basement or a building with metallic coating on the windows; 2) The user has trouble getting an antenna to the outside of a facility, because the cable run will be too expensive or the facility cannot be modified, which is the case with many historical buildings or 3) A facility needs to be time synchronized to a remote location through NTP, for example, universities with multiple campuses or NPR affiliate stations.

The dual battery backup provides a Coin Cell for backing up the User settings, and a Gel-Cell for a 4-hour operational backup. The ESE & ASCII outputs are operational when running on battery.
  • Features
  • SMPTE LTC, ESE, EBU, IRIG-B, ASCII (RS-232 & USB) Time Code outputs
  • NTP Output Port (RJ-45, IPv6)
  • Supports Authentication
  • 1 PPS (pulse-per-second) output
  • Front Panel Nine Digit .56" Yellow LED Display
  • Time Zone Offset
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time Correction
  • Time Advance/Delay Feature for Synchronization Purposes
  • Configuration via RS-232, USB, Telnet or Embedded Web Page(Secure & Normal)
  • New PC Control Panel Software Included
  • Dual battery backup (Coin-Cell & Gel-Cell)
  • NTP Lock LED Indicator and TTL output
  • Universal Power Supply
  • 1.75" Rackmount enclosure

  • Product Options
  • Clear - Clear Anodized Front Panel
  • DC - DC Operation: Requires the unit to be powered from a DC source exclusively, typically +12 to +35 VDC.
  • HR - Relay Contact Closure: A contact closure occurs at the top of each Hour. Hour and 1/2 Hour closure may be ordered on some products. Relay contacts are rated at 10-Watts maximum load, 500mA maximum switching current.
  • NPR - National Public Radio: Allows the unit to read and display time code as received from NPR. Includes an ESE Time Code Output.
  • UL - "UL" Approved Power Supply: The unit is supplied with a UL/CSA approved wall mount power supply.
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