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Time Code Remote Displays

Model: ES-126U / ES-127U

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The ES-126U/ES-127U are Time Code displays featuring .56" high (ES-126U) or 1" high (ES-127U) yellow LED displays. Both Time and Date are displayed. The units are housed in a rack mount panel & chassis assembly. The ES-126U is one rack unit high (1.75") while the ES-127U measures two rack units high (3.5"). The unit accepts, via the rear-mounted BNC connector, either ESE Time Code™ (TC76™, TC89™, or TC90™) or SMPTE/EBU Time Code. RS-232C ASCII Time Code (format "0", "1" or "A" at 9600 baud) may be input via the rear-mounted 9-pin connector. The unit will automatically determine which code is being received. An internal DIP switch is used to configure the display for 12 or 24 Hour format. The incoming time code must contain Date information, such as ESE TC90, date-encoded SMPTE/EBU or ASCII formats "1" or "A" for the unit to display the Date. If option TZ is ordered an internal DIP switch is installed to change the Time Zone.
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