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SRT Added to StreamXpress
Posted on Thursday, September 1, 2022
SRT Added to StreamXpress

Sept. 1, 2022 - The upcoming release of StreamXpress adds stream playback via the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol. This addition enables users to setup SRT connections, debug the connection process, and play streams, all in the easy-to-use and flexible environment offered by StreamXpress.

SRT is an open-source video transport protocol that is designed to provide reliable transmission over unpredictable networks. It supports packet re-transmission while maintaining low latency. Encryption and forward error correction are supported as well.

To setup and debug an SRT connection in StreamXpress, the new 'SRT Connect’ window can be used from the main window to set the connection parameters. After a connection attempt has been made, log messages and other connection information are shown for monitoring and debugging the connection and handshake procedure. For example, the final negotiated latency is displayed after a connection has been successfully established.

The main window of StreamXpress is tailored for quickly changing between different test scenarios which can be saved in so-called presets.

The current support of SRT enables StreamXpress users to play out SRT streams from your local network adapter. Many future improvements are planned, such as SRT support on DekTec devices, detailed information and visualization of the SRT connection statistics during playout, and support for additional protocols such as RIST.

Feedback is always welcome, so feel free to let us know which additions you would like to see!