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BBright Integrates DekTec in its Remote Monitoring Decoder
Posted on Saturday, June 18, 2022
BBright Integrates DekTec in its Remote Monitoring Decoder

June 18, 2022 - BBright's new video monitoring solution, the RMD, is a good example of a smart software-based product that uses DekTec PCIe cards to interface to uncompressed (baseband) and compressed digital TV streams. The RMD supports decoding and analysis of all common video (from SD to UHD) and audio formats, as well as their metadata, and can then stream the video, audio, and the analysis results through the MPEG Dash and Web UI for remote viewing.

The RMD is intended for remote production, remote service verification and for qualifying streams in R&D labs. The product has gained recognition in the market and won the 2021 CSI Award for 'Best Monitoring or Network Management Solution'.

"We have worked with DekTec for almost 10 years and we know the quality of their products", says Guillaume Arthuis, CEO of BBright, "DekTec offers a wide range of SDI, ASI and IP cards, which gives us great flexibility to supply our customers the ideal solution in term of channel density and configurations."

"All cards are supported by a common SDK and driver, which greatly eases integration into our system. A unique feature of DekTec's solution is the Matrix API, which gives us almost total control over the metadata / ANC data, audio and video. It abstracts from the complicated SDI layer, allowing a high-level connection to our software.", Guillaume adds. "Finally, DekTec cards are extremely compact, as most cards are half height and half length, leaving us plenty room in the server for GPU's or other I/O cards."

Nilesh Mandalia, VP sales of DekTec, comments: "BBright uses our interface cards the way we intended them to be used, giving the product all the benefits of being software-based: a modern, rich GUI, powerful features, flexibility and future-proofing. BBright has been in the vanguard of UHD solutions right from the start. This coincided with DekTec's first UHD card, hence we have a great symbiotic relationship that extends into the future: for new I/O cards, we try to incorporate feature requests from our customers whenever possible."