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DTA-2132 Takes Satellite Reception to the Next Level
Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Our new professional satellite receiver features DVB-S2/S2X reception and DVB-CID decoding. The DTA-2132 is ideal for monitoring satellite networks, for high-speed data transmission over satellite, and for contributing TV signals to studios where reliable reception is a determining factor. Various high-quality metrics are available for detailed and precise RF measurements of the received signal.

Demodulation is entirely FPGA-based, meaning that zero CPU cycles are consumed for reception. A wide range of constellations and code rates are supported, including 256APSK, with symbol rates up 72MBd and data rates up to 425Mbit/s. The card has the ability to output I/Q samples, which can be used for spectrum analysis, recording or software demodulation using SDR technology.

DTA-2132 - High-end satellite receiver

DTA-2132 - High-end satellite receiver with DVB-S2/S2X and DVB-CID demodulation.

A special feature of the card is demodulation and analysis of the DVB Carrier ID system (DVB-CID), with a user-friendly GUI integrated in StreamXpert, DekTec's stream analyzer. This makes it possible to identify the carrier of a satellite transmission and to locate the source of interfering broadcasts. The ability of the DTA-2132 to decode multiple CID signals simultaneously, even when the DVB-S2 signal cannot be demodulated (due to interference), is unique in the field.

The card includes an 18V/600mA LNB power inserter with overcurrent protection, removing the need for an external power supply. A DiSEqC-2.0 22-kHz LNB-control signal inserter is also supplied allowing the DTA-2132 to control upstream RF switches and dish motors.

The DTA-2132 is supported on Windows and Linux, with our API that is uniform for all our devices. The card is shipping from stock. Visit DekTec at IBC booth 2.B40 to see the DTA-2132 with real-life DVB-CID analysis in action.