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TVLogic partners with Colorimetry Research for unparalleled color accuracy
Posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

TVLogic, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seven Star Works Co., Ltd., announces a new partnership with Colorimetry Research Inc. (CRI), the industry-leading provider of color measurement devices, to facilitate more accurate color reproduction for their broadcast monitors and calibration service for customers.

After six months of rigorous testing, TVLogic has elected to standardize on CRIs state-of-the-art colorimeters and spectroradiometers for product development and to maintain highly accurate colorimetry throughout the working life of our monitor products.

CRI devices are stand-alone color measurement instruments with compact, lightweight and rugged design features, making it easier to carry and set up in the field for color measurement and calibration. Measurement operation can be initiated by simply connecting CR series devices to a PC, Mac or even a smart phone through USB.

In addition to their design considerations, CR series devices outperform competing products with increased accuracy and consistency at a more reasonable price-point.

TVLogic will distribute CR series color measurement devices through its sales channel and will continue to collaborate with CRI to further improve and enhance the color calibration experience for customers.

"I am quite confident that TVLogic customers will enjoy a better color calibration experience using Colorimetry Research devices,"stated Charlie Shin, VP, Global Sales for TVLogic. Owners of TVLogic monitors can now download the latest version of CL-Soft to use with CRI colorimeters.


About TVLogic

TVLogic a leading broadcast monitor manufacturer since 2002, is a subsidiary of Seven Star Works Co., Ltd. The company distributes a wide range of broadcast and motion picture production video monitors and related technologies under the TVLogic brand through a global sales network. Every monitor we produce can be accurately calibrated using our powerful and free calibration utility and a CRI series device. For more information, visit


About Colorimetry Research Inc.

Colorimetry Research, Inc. is a leader innovator in the field of light and color measurements. Our leading edge color science solutions are showcased in our compact line of instruments that includes filter colorimeters, spectroradiometers, and temporal meters both in the visible and the near IR spectrums. The company specializes in display panel measurements and calibration, with all its instruments conveniently integrated with a wide range of some of the most popular display calibration software.