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Robotic Camera Control Panel

Model: RCCP-2A

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The RCCP-2A Robotic Camera Control Panel is the foundation of Telemetrics' latest generation of control systems. With a totally user configurable control surface, and high-end processors to support complex automated key-frame based motion paths, as well as snapshot thumbnails for shot presets and live video preview, a single operator can now maneuver multiple cameras with more powerful, yet natural control over complex camera moves than previously possible.

The RCCP-2A's TeleKeys™  automatically adapt to show options relevant to the task at hand, while customizable wheels and knobs make it easier to operate robotic cameras, elevating columns,  and OmniGlide™ roving pedestals. A series of Hot TeleKeys™ provide fast access to favorite camera angles and other system parameters for on-the-fly changes and individualized program settings.

The panel's two built-in user-configurable joysticks—used to control PT heads, camera framing and movement of robotic pedestals or trolleys along a track—can also more easily accommodate left- and right-handed operators.

The RCCP-2A offers full connectivity for most remotely controlled PTZ systems. Users can also directly access the deep-menu controls of broadcast cameras. The RCCP-2A control panel features all of the camera shading tools that natively support broadcast cameras (including those from Blackmagic, Canon, Grass Valley, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC, Panasonic, Sony,  and Telemetrics) without requiring a separate camera control unit (CCU). It can also be configured to trigger camera tally as well as a broad range of video switchers and routers.

The RCCP-2A control panel's compact size allows it to fit in confined spaces, and it can be fully upgraded to the RCCP-2A STS with Studio software or the RCCP-2A LGS with Legislative software to take advantage of advanced features with operational cost-saving capabilities.

The RCCP-2A is the stable and scalable platform upon which your facility's robotic camera operation can be based.

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