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6-outlet Compact WattBox Power Conditioner with Coax and Ethernet

Series: 200

Model: WB-200VB-CE-6

  • Ceramic encased surge components
  • 6 switched outlets
  • 1 isolated noise filter
  • 2160J energy dissipation
  • Wirepath ONE, VersaBox Pro and VersaMount Compatible
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Specially designed to pair with our Strong VersaBox™ Pro 14”, VersaBox™ Pro 8”, or VersaMount™, the WattBox® 200 Series Compact Power Conditioner with Coax and Ethernet – 6 Outlets “drops in” to any of these boxes, utilizing the in-wall space beneath the box to save precious real estate inside the box for other equipment. But whether you place it in a structured wiring can, under a table, in a podium, or on the wall – this compact power conditioner provides premium surge protection and noise filtration to six outlets, as well as coax and Telephone/Ethernet protection. And don't let its size fool you. It's outside is just as rugged as the protection it offers, with an 18 gauge steel chassis.
  • Ceramic encased surge components
  • 6 switched outlets
  • 1 isolated noise filter
  • 2160J energy dissipation
  • Wirepath ONE, VersaBox Pro and VersaMount Compatible
    • This WattBox is specially designed to “drop in” to the VersaBox Pro or VersaMount to help increase precious in-wall storage space.
    • Or it can be placed in a Wirepath ONE structured wiring can to save you even more space inside the box.
    • And installation is easy: Just punch out the knockout at the bottom of the Wirepath ONE, VersaBox Pro or VersaMount, drop the WattBox unit into the knockout.
    • And add the included short power cord that plugs right into the outlet. Then you’re all powered up and good to go!
  • One-Sided Convenience
    • To make sure that all of this WattBox’s connections are accessible when it’s dropped into a VersaBox Pro or VersaMount, we placed them all on one side – a smart, simple solution to make your life easier.
    • Need to use a bulky power adapter or “wall wart”? Not a problem – just use one of our handy pigtails and plug away.
  • Can You Ear Me Now?
    • Each unit comes with two metal ear brackets to attach inside a VersaBox Pro or VersaMount.
    • The brackets hold the WattBox in place so there’s no f-ear of it dropping through.
    • This unit also includes a second set of right-angle brackets for mounting on the wall, under a table, or under a podium.
  • Noise Filtration
    • Sensitive A/V equipment is negatively impacted by noisy appliances and other electronics that create interference on the AC line.
    • All WattBox power conditioners feature noise filtration that cleans up this "dirty power" to deliver the purest A/V experience possible.
    • By lowering the audio noise floor and reducing hum, you hear exactly what was intended.
    • Video performance can see an improvement too - with reduced power-related artifacts on HD displays.
  • Surge Protection
    • Surges can come from a variety of sources - from fluctuations at the power company to catastrophic events such as lightning.
    • This excess energy can damage your connected equipment if not properly protected.
    • The Joule rating is a measure of a surge protector's ability to "clamp" this excess energy down to a safe level - the higher the rating, the more protection your equipment has.
  • Fireproof MOVs
    • MOVs, or Metal Oxide Varistors, are surge protection components that dissipate excess energy in the form of heat.
    • Under extreme conditions, lower quality MOVs can get so hot they catch on fire.
    • WattBox power conditioners feature ceramic-encased MOVs to protect not only your system but your home as well.
  • AC Disconnect
    • As an added precaution, in the event of a catastrophic spike, a thermal fuse completely disconnects AC power from your system to stop the surge in its tracks before it can get to your connected equipment.
    • All three "legs" of the power (hot, neutral and ground) will disconnect for unsurpassed equipment protection.
  • Coax, Telephone/Ethernet Protection
    • Not only can surges creep in on the power, but also telephone, coax and network cables.
    • Jacks for RJ11 or RJ45 connections are provided with full protection on all 8 pins for telephone and Ethernet applications.
    • Today's sophisticated HD cable and satellite systems have higher bandwidth requirements than they did even a few years ago.
    • 3 GHz coax connections not only protect you against surge, but they deliver premium signal quality with less than 1 dB of attenuation. Pass-through voltage is supported for satellite systems.
  • Always-On Outlets
    • Perfect for critical components like extenders or IR blocks, one of this power conditioner’s six outlets is always on to ensure it’s ready whenever you need it.
  • Flexible Power Cables
    • Bulky power cables can cause all sorts of frustration when installing in a cabinet or rack.
    • This WattBox 200-series power conditioner includes a 4 ft., detachable IEC cord that is super-flexible for easy wire management.
    • It also includes a shorter 6 in. cable for VersaBox Pro or VersaMount installation.
    • Both feature connectors that are gold plated to resist corrosion and minimize loss. For custom lengths, replacement cords are available from 6 inches long up to 15 feet.
  • Cord Labels
    • Pick a card, any card. Sometimes it can feel like a guessing game when you're servicing equipment and trying to figure out which outlet goes to what piece of gear.
    • To prevent this, apply the supplied labels to each cord and know exactly what's what.
  • Package Contents:
    • (1) WB-200VB-IPCE-6
    • (1) Owner’s Manual
    • (1) Sheets of Power Cord Labels (6 total labels)
    • (10) Bracket Screws
    • (4) Rubber Feet
    • (1) 4-foot Power Cord
    • (1) 6-inch Power Cord (for use in VersaBox Pro and VersaMount)
    • (1) 6-inch Extension Cord
    • (2) Metal Ear Brackets for VersaBox Pro and VersaMount installation
    • (2) Right Angle Mounting Brackets for wall mounting
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