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India’s Sathiyam Television Chooses Snell Signal Processing and Playout Solutions
Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2011
READING, U.K. — Nov. 1, 2011 —Snell today announced that Sathiyam Television, a newly launched Tamil-language news and current affairs station based in Chennai, India, has built its playout infrastructure around Snell IQ Modular and Sirius 620 routing systems.
"As a regional channel, we have built an operation that rivals that of national channels — and the Snell equipment has made it possible. Compared to the other solutions we evaluated, Snell came out far ahead with its advanced video signal processing capabilities, reliability, high performance, and support of 3G broadcasting," said Shahul Hameed, technical head of Sathiyam Television. "All of these capabilities will be extremely important as we prepare to launch our full HD channel in 2012."
Sathiyam Television has installed a Snell Sirius 620 128x128 router as its main station router, with 11 components from the IQ Modular family providing a range of signal processing functions. Some of these include distribution amplification, composite video-to-SDI conversion, analog video de-embedding, audio multiplexing, and SDI monitoring/encoding. 
"Sathiyam Television is filling an important role by providing vital news and information to Tamil-speaking viewers around the globe, and we're pleased that the channel has chosen Snell to play such a key role in building a resilient, failure-proof, and future-proof infrastructure," said Vanessa Ching, vice president of channel marketing and communications for Asia-Pacific and Middle East at Snell. "Sathiyam's selection of Snell technology is clear evidence of its serious commitment to provide viewers with a high-quality broadcast product, both now and into the future."