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Snell and The Application Store Demonstrate Morpheus-Driven Screentoo App at the 2011 NAB Show
Posted on Sunday, April 10, 2011

LAS VEGAS — April 10, 2011 — At the 2011 NAB Show, Snell is partnering with The Application Store (TAS) to demonstrate how Morpheus automation can be leveraged to drive essential metadata to “second-screen” apps on iPad® tablets and mobile platforms. Morpheus will supply the TAS Screentoo app with real-time data essential to maintaining synchronicity between the primary broadcast and interactive and timeline-sensitive elements within the Screentoo app.

“Snell’s Morpheus is good fit for our Screentoo app because it can accommodate the volume and granularity of information required by second-screen apps,” said Vincent Parisis, CEO at TAS, a London-based developer specializing in translating brand expressions, such as popular TV programs, into engaging mobile and tablet experiences. “In particular, the MediaBall element of Morpheus is a uniquely powerful feature that provides valuable flexibility in handling the metadata that makes the second-screen model effective.”
The Screentoo app is available for media and broadcast organizations to distribute as their own branded applications to provide services such as voting, polls, chat, and e-commerce related to and customized for a specific show or channel. The very accurately timed metadata provided by Morpheus enables the Screentoo app to provide the consumer with options that correspond directly to events within the primary broadcast. Metadata about both the program and program contents allow the Screentoo app to trigger targeted advertising, provide information about a character or actor in the show, or launch a viewer poll.
“In addition to providing robust performance for delivery of content to media consumers’ television screens, Morpheus allows broadcasters to extend the experience onto a second device, where complementary interactive content drives up interest in programming and importantly enables new levels of highly targeted advertising,” said Neil Maycock, chief architect at Snell. “There are clear trends in consumers increasingly engaging with media through multiple devices at once, and the combination of Morpheus automation with apps such as Screentoo takes advantage of these trends to open the door to some exciting new possibilities.”
Demonstrations will be offered during the 2011 NAB Show at the Snell booth, N1820. More information about Morpheus and other products from Snell is available online at Information about TAS and its products is available at