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Snell Expands IQ Modular 3G Range With Flexible Solutions for Multi-format and HD Facilities
Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Processing Engine Doubles as Audio Processing Solution; Fiber-Optic Interfacing Modules Enable Use of Both Coax and Fiber

READING, U.K. — March 31, 2011 —Snell today announced a further expansion of the company's IQ Modular 3G product range by launching a new video and audio processing platform and a new range of fiber-optic interfacing modules. Together, these additions to Snell's IQ modular infrastructure range enable organizations to maintain flexibility in addressing the evolving demands of multi-format and HD broadcasting.
Snell's new video and audio processing platform, the IQUAV10, is a compact, highly integrated processing engine ideally suited to space-constrained applications. It provides flexible analog and digital signal handling and advanced video and audio processing. The platform's features include format conversion, synchronization, audio embedding, de-embedding, aspect ratio conversion, video enhancement, legalization, audio gain, delay, mixing, and channel routing. Because the IQUAV10 is available in configurations ranging from fully loaded systems to more cost-effective models with limited processing capabilities, users have the flexibility to choose only the functionality and software-enabled features they need.
The new IQ Modular 3G range of fiber-optic interfacing modules combines electrical-to-optical conversion with critical processing functions such as video synchronizing, audio embedding, and audio de-embedding. These single-slot, space-saving solutions free users from the limitations of copper infrastructure and enable them to work with both coax and fiber in planning cost-effective HD expansion and 3Gbps (1080p) signal delivery.
Because Snell's IQ Modular 3G fiber solutions handle coax and fiber equally well — seamlessly addressing conversion between the two — broadcast and media organizations can achieve the best compromise between space and cost as they extend their facility infrastructures. Fully integrated with these fiber solutions, Snell's Centra control and monitoring platform provides comprehensive monitoring of signal status, enabling monitoring of optical power budgets and triggering alarms if levels fall below a preset threshold.
"As broadcasters upgrade their infrastructure to support new or additional HD channels, they're also looking to build in the 1080p/3G support that future operations may require," said Steve Cole, modular product manager at Snell. "Our new fiber-optic interfacing modules allow our customers to make the most of existing coax while installing fiber cost-effectively when and where needed."