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Snell Router Solutions Anchor New, Consolidated Facility at The Post Group
Posted on Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snell Enables Seamless Post-Production Workflow With Facility-Wide Signal Control and Monitoring

BURBANK, Calif. - Nov. 17, 2010 - Snell today announced that the company's routing, control, and monitoring technology is at the core of The Post Group's new state-of-the-art production facility. Located in Hollywood, the Snell equipment is providing consolidated operations for The Post Group as well as its sister companies, Lightning Media and iO Film. Driven by the Snell control and monitoring system, Snell Sirius and Cygnus routers form the comprehensive signal routing and control infrastructure for the new facility.

A leading post-production facility serving the film and entertainment industries, The Post Group provides television and feature mastering and restoration services. iO Film is a supplier of digital intermediary services to the film industry, and Lightning Media offers dubbing and file encoding services. Previously, each company operated from its own building with its own independent routing equipment. The move to bring all three operations into a single facility provided an opportunity to consolidate the technical infrastructure by installing a unified routing platform that could route any signal, anywhere in the building. 

"With the Snell solution, we're now able to share resources and more effectively utilize our equipment to serve all three companies. This means we can now offer our clients the full spectrum of post-production services under one roof, with efficiencies that simply were not possible with the isolated operations we had before," said Bob Wilson, director of engineering at The Post Group. "Snell was able to offer us a complete package that covers every level of our routing requirements including SD, HD, timecode, reference, AES audio, and more. Also, the control touch-screen interface is very easy to use and Snell tailored it exactly to our needs. Our employees were able to get up and running very quickly with the new system, which helped make the transition very seamless."

The Post Group's new Snell routing and control infrastructure includes an Aurora control system configured for 14 levels of router control, a Cygnus 576x576 video router, a Sirius 512x512 router for handling AES signals, five smaller-scale Freeway routers for providing machine control and routing sync signals and timecodes, and a control and monitoring server with 20 client stations to provide router control throughout the facility.

"When The Post Group made the move to its new facility, there was intense pressure for the three companies to transfer operations efficiently without any downtime. We're pleased that our design team and engineers were able to tailor a solution that enabled them to do this smoothly and without any disruption in client projects," said Jonathan Goldstein, president for the Americas at Snell. "The Post Group has shown the versatility of our control and monitoring by building customized software control panels tailored to their specific workflow needs, which allow engineers to control and monitor the routers from their PCs anywhere in the building."