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Record Year for Snell's Morpheus Drives Major Product Innovation
Posted on Friday, September 11, 2009


READING, U.K. — Sept. 11, 2009 — Building on the successful implementation of a record number of major projects, Snell has introduced several enhancements to its Morpheus automation system, the most flexible and powerful automation solution on the market today. 


Additional functionality has been introduced in several key areas to provide users with even greater control and flexibility in managing everything from simple server playout to the delivery of complex, ever changing multiplatform content. New features to the core Morpheus system include intelligent synchronization of time-delayed channels, greater support for triggering scripted, complex operations via simple manual intervention, implementation of the innovative spot-checking capability, and further expansion of third-party device drivers.


As revenues from advertising come under pressure, these new enhancements to Morpheus give content providers essential versatility to build smart, efficient, and reliable play out systems suited to their exact requirements. The ultimate flexibility of Morpheus allows users to evolve the look, feel, and content of their channels simply and quickly, in-house, and without additional systems expenditure.


"Automation systems must evolve to accommodate the demands of new services and delivery platforms, and Morpheus is built from the ground up to enable quick and easy configuration for control of functionality in new devices as they are adopted," said Dave Collins, general manager, Automation at Snell. "Snell is committed to ongoing product development, and reduction of ownership costs is key to the design philosophy behind Morpheus. With these latest refinements, Morpheus continues to provide even greater flexibility to its users."


The new enhancements have all been developed to drive even more efficiency throughout the broadcast operation. Intelligent synchronization of time-delayed channels allows greater control from a central location to deliver content across multiple time zones with Snell's unique facility to easily schedule alternate content within the delayed feeds if required.


Complex manual operations have been simplified through the Morpheus scripting tool where a series of actions can be automated as a macro that is instigated by a simple button press, with the added benefit of all operator interventions being captured within the core automation system. 


Other operational benefits include the use of the schedule spot-checking tool which enables users to review a schedule in the most time-efficient manner. For instance, users can check specific areas that are important to them, such as opening titles and closing credits, or the transition to or from a commercial break, without having to view a complete show. 


In addition the increase in the number of third-party devices that can be controlled by Morpheus offers users greater freedom of choice when designing a system and, in turn, provides access to the many benefits of tight device integration and control.


About Morpheus
The Morpheus automation and media management system addresses the challenges faced in implementing content-delivery workflows. As a fully scalable solution, Morpheus can seamlessly evolve from a single channel to a multichannel, multicustomer playout solution, continuing to grow in line with demand. Based on format- and device-independent platforms, Morpheus offers a robust and resilient content-distribution mechanism that integrates seamlessly with new devices as they evolve to meet the demands of future services and delivery platforms. Flexible device management ensures that resources can be deployed dynamically where and when most needed. From its core database engine through to every automated device, Morpheus is designed for resilience and, where required, redundancy, thus ensuring the right content and its metadata will be in the right place at the right time.