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Italy’s NVP builds market leading 4K OB truck with SAM
Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2017
Italy’s NVP builds market leading 4K OB truck with SAM

SAM announced today that NVP, the Italian broadcast production company, has chosen SAM to build a new state of the art 4K OB truck that positions NVP at the forefront of 4K OB production in Europe.

SAM worked with long term partner Video Progetti to help design the truck to support NVP’s OB production services that need to encompass SD, HD, UHD, SDR and HDR content simultaneously. The natural choice for managing multiformat productions is SAM’s Kahuna switcher, eliminating the need for external conversion. To support multiformat switching SAM supplied its Sirius 840 router. The high performance router allows any combination of signal formats and processing, with no limitations on signal timing or synchronization, and no compromises on redundancy, monitoring or expansion capability.

Nataliano Pintabona, Founder, Owner and General Manager at NVP commented, “Our new OB van  ranks amongst the most technologically advanced production units in Europe and is recognized primarly for its technical and operational efficiency. We use it for the most challenging productions all over Europe. SAM’s technology is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to meeting the evolving requirements in the market place. The new truck means we are capable of producing SD, HD, UHD, SDR and HDR video as well as leveraging the latest technologies such as IP. SAM’s solutions have really transformed our live production workflow.”

Robert Szabó-Rowe, EVP and General Manager, Live Production and Infrastructure at SAM commented, “We worked closely with the teams at NVP and Video Progetti to design the most flexible solution possible, all within the budget constraints that NVP had. We are delighted this resulted in an OB truck able to produce the highest quality content for some of the largest and most demanding media organizations around the world.”