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Media Solutions deploys SAM’s Sirius 830 router for live events
Posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Media Solutions deploys SAM’s Sirius 830 router for live events

Sirius offers unmatched performance, flexibility and reliability allowing Media Solutions to work proactively across the live production chain

SAM announced today that Media Solutions, a division of OSA International, Inc., has purchased a Sirius 830 router for use in the production of multiple high profile events across the USA. Recently, Media Solutions deployed the Sirius 830 to route video and audio signals at the Blizzcon expo in Anaheim, CA.

OSA International, Inc., has been supplying audio-visual solutions for live events and entertainment for 20 years. In 2011, it purchased Media Solutions to expand its offerings beyond technical solutions. Now, the company manages more aspects of the AV business, including technical direction, consulting, and design support.

According to Angel Banchs, Vice President of Engineering at OSA International, the decision to purchase SAM’s routing technology came after a stringent market evaluation. “We scoured the industry for the most efficient routing system in terms of price, performance and functionality, and the Sirius 830 surpassed the competition in all of those areas. It gives us the best use of valuable rack space, and its Advanced Hybrid Processing (AHP) is a really forward-thinking feature that lets us manage channels independently for better control over our audio and video. It was also right in line with our budget, especially when we compared it to other routers on the market,” he said.

Part of the Sirius 800 family, the 830 offers a compact 288 x 288 frame size to save on power and space. Packed with functionality, it features high performance crosspoint modules for flexible routing of SD, HD, ASI, 3Gbps and embedded audio signals. Built-in Advanced Hybrid Processing (AHP) on every input and output means there is no need for external signal processing devices. It also supports future formats, including 4K.

Ed McGivern, Vice President, Strategic Accounts at SAM commented, “Having the right routing technology is extremely important for a company like Media Solutions who work across the entire live production chain. The uniquely versatile platform of the Sirius 830, and the fact that it supports formats including 4K, gives Media Solutions the reliability and the investment protection it needs for the future.”