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SAM rolls out facility-wide, proven, risk-free IP transition strategy
Posted on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

At IBC 2015, SAM demonstrated its comprehensive, risk-free IP migration strategy. It enables customers to transition via hybrid SDI/IP working to fully-IP operation at a rate which suits the individual needs of their business. Critically, no wholesale systems replacement is required; SAM’s engineers have designed in the ability to progressively IP-enable existing SDI systems across its router, switcher, infrastructure and playout product ranges. SAM’s IP strategy embraces support for SMPTE 2022-6, VC-2 and other compression formats, providing a secure path to the future whatever standard the industry eventually adopts.

IP Routers

SDI Inputs and outputs on the SAM Sirius 800 multi-format router can be replaced with IP I/O on a modular basis, enabling IP routing capabilities to be added progressively as required.

IP Switchers

The entire Kahuna switcher range can be progressively IP-enabled by simply swapping out input and output ‘fins’ over time. In addition, for those wanting to go fully IP now, SAM launched Kahuna IP at IBC – a range of three all-IP switchers which retain all the power and capabilities of their SDI counterparts.

IP Infrastructure

The new IQMIX modules provide SDI/IP and IP/SDI encoding for up to 12 streams. IQMIX simply slots into the IQ Modular frame alongside other infrastructure modules.

IP Playout

The new ICE IP delivers the full gamut of ICE Channel-in-a-Box capabilities, and supports multiple H.264 IP input and output streams alongside its SDI I/O, enabling ICE owners to transition to IP operation as their needs change. 

“We have been conducting extensive proofs of concept of our IP transition strategy with a number of key media organizations around the world over the course of the last 18 months, so we know it works,” said Neil Maycock, SAM EVP Marketing. 

“Our strategy enables customers to invest in the systems that they need to grow their businesses now, in the certainty that they can transition to IP in whatever standard they choose, as and when their needs dictate. DutchView | Infostrada choice of SAM as its partner to transition its entire operation to IP with our switcher, router and infrastructure technology is a massive vote of confidence in our IP vision,” Maycock concluded.