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LMG Selects Snell as Technology Partner for Transition to Full 4K Solution in Live Event Staging
Posted on Sunday, April 6, 2014
Kahuna 360 switching and Sirius 830 routing to seamlessly manage multiple format sources quickly and effectively

NAB 2014, Booth N1820 — April 6, 2014 — Snell today announced that live event staging company LMG has chosen Snell to help deliver cutting-edge video experiences to its customers. Snell will provide key elements of the technology infrastructure, enabling multi-format content switching and simultaneous live feeds in 4K. The announcement underlines Snell’s commitment to helping customers make the transition to 4K by putting 4K functionality at the core of its entire product portfolio.

Live event technology companies like LMG face an increasingly complex production environment in which multiple source formats – from HD to SDI and 4K – must be managed simultaneously and transformed into live video streams almost instantaneously. To help address this challenge, LMG has chosen Snell’s Kahuna 360 switcher along with the innovative new Maverik control panel in a 5 M/E configuration and Sirius 830 router – all for seamless handling of 4K feeds while switching in 2K.

“As one of the few companies in our space building a 4K solution, we needed a technology partner with a solution that has the kind of ‘format fusion’ we need to deliver the very best image on the screen without a lot of extra hardware,” said LMG CEO Les Goldberg. “Whenever you delve into new technical territory, you need a manufacturer to help overcome the hurdles that inevitably arise, and we know that Snell is willing to go the extra mile to ensure we have a successful implementation.”

Snell’s technology solutions will bring several key benefits to LMG:
  • Versatility – allowing LMG to switch in 2K, record in HD and other formats while feeding to screens in 4K. Kahuna 360 also allows full 4K wipes plus animated transitions all from the 4K capable internal clipstore
  • Reliability – LMG was among the first US adopters of Snell switchers and having used the technology for years, they know they can count on its reliability
  • Speed of adoption – LMG can quickly bring on board new Snell solutions and be up and running with further integrated switching and routing technology
The implementation will take place through July, 2014, with the full capabilities available to LMG customers from August, 2014.

“From early adoption of Snell switchers to industry leadership on 4K for live events, LMG has consistently been an innovator in the event technology space. We’re honored that LMG has chosen us to help it adopt this revolutionary approach to live event staging and deliver exceptional solutions to its customers,” noted Robert Rowe, managing director, Live TV at Snell.