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Job Agents are processing engines which provide transcoding, file rewrapping and file copying to accelerate image and format processing tasks using multicore CPUs and GPUs to provide very fast high quality results. Available using blade servers or PC workstations and agnostic in terms of network connectivity to NAS and SAN’s - a number of JobAgents (running on a render farm of computers) can be deployed to provide vast parallel processing for fast turnaround jobs. From a single system to a rendering farm in an Enterprise environment - JobAgent can scale to meet your needs as they grow.

As new jobs get submitted through the Contentagent user interface, Watchfolder or from another application (using the Root6 API) ContentAgent intelligently distributes jobs to the JobAgents by analyzing current CPU performance on each computer. Whichever JobAgent is running the least amount of processing gets the next job. If a network connection fails, or a JobAgent computer power supply fails for example, ContentAgent will automatically re assign jobs to other JobAgents to provide an automated fail over solution.

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