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Premier Mounts New GB-AVSTOR5 GearBox™ is Now Shippin
Posted on Tuesday, August 30, 2011

 ANAHEIM, CALIF. (August 30, 2011) – Premier Mounts (, a leading manufacturer of projector mounts, flat-panel mounts, carts & stands and accessories, is now shipping their new GB-AVSTOR5 , False Ceiling Equipment Storage GearBox™ with integrated projector pipe receiver.

This full featured and UL listed GearBox™ provides a secure and discrete storage-and-mounting solution for false ceiling projector installations. It’s integrated power receptacles, removable equipment mounting tray and adjustable projector mounting platform for 1 ½” NPT pipe make the GB-AVSTOR5 an indispensable, centralized A/V installation accessory.

The GB-AVSTOR5 replaces a common 2’ x 2’ false ceiling tile to provide a sturdy platform to suspend a video projector from and a convenient location to install supporting AV accessory products. The large removable access door with open air grate allows generous ventilation from the room below while the enclosure is completely sealed to the plenum airspace above. This design effectively extends the room area while remaining sealed to the plenum space above to avoid most plenum-related building code issues.

Other features include an internal detachable equipment mounting tray to secure and wire AV electronic equipment conveniently. An external main power switch controls four pre-installed internal AC power sockets and an external AC power socket for the projector to provide a complete mounting platform for many small AV systems.

“We developed the GB-AVSTOR5 to reduce projector installation complexity,” states Lee Dodson, President of Premier Mounts. “Many classrooms and conference rooms do not have the space or budget for equipment racks and installing supporting electronics is often a challenge. Placing everything close to the projector in the GB-AVSTOR5 not only solves that problem, it simplifies cable routing issues and securely stores everything to deter from theft and tampering.”

A projector mount may be attached directly to the GB-AVSTOR5 by utilizing the integrated 1 ½” NPT pipe coupler. This coupler provides 6” of lateral shift for the projector in order to achieve the desired image location. Cables routed through a suspension pipe enter the box directly for connection and routing without entering the plenum air space above. Multiple knockouts enable a wide variety of low-voltage and power connections.