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Premier Mounts To Supply Mounts for McCarran Airport's New Videowall
Posted on Thursday, September 2, 2010

Premier Mounts will partner with the Las Vegas McCarran Airport project management team to create the precision mounts for the largest panoramic videowall in a U.S. Airport.<br><br>

McCarran International Airport, known for "being first" in technology, received approval by the Clark County Board of Commissioners for its accord with Samsung. Premier Mounts is a key partner for the project, in which Samsung will provide 130 46-inch liquid crystal display screens, Las Vegas-based Vision Signs will design and install the structural framework, and Premier Mounts will supply the precision-engineered modular videowall mounts to create four separate videowalls at the nation’s seventh-busiest airport.<br><br>

Once the panoramic video displays take shape later this year, McCarran will be the first airport to feature a videowall of this kind. The largest display will be installed at McCarran’s D Concourse rotunda. According to Samsung, the 100-screen tiled formation will be the largest in a U.S. airport, measuring 33 feet by 19 feet. The visual catch comes from the ultra-thin frame around each monitor that will give the appearance that the tiled formation is one solid piece. Three smaller videowalls using the same frame technology will each use 10 screens to create 6-foot-by-9-foot displays that will be located at the A, B and C concourses.<br><br>

"The McCarran International Airport videowall project is a unique installation, in which Premier Mounts’ designers collaborated with the many engineers and contractors during its creation in order to gain a full understanding of the requirements," said Rich Pierro, director of manufacturing at Premier Mounts. "The critical elements were to provide a pull-out-style mount that offers single-display maintenance, a support system that offers rigid attachment to the structure while allowing maximum air flow behind the displays, and fine-tune adjustment brackets for precise display alignment. The ability for Premier Mounts to partner with many teams on a project like this is a key ingredient for its success. The more ‘up-front’ information we can learn about the installation environment, the more our custom design and manufacturing teams can adapt the design to accommodate it."<br><br>

The key to success for a project of this magnitude, the largest panoramic videowall in a U.S. airport, is early collaboration among all team members. The frequent exchange of data, information, ideas and requirements are a must to accomplish the precise installation necessary to achieve the appearance that the tiled videowall formation is one solid piece. Through involvement in the early planning stages, Premier Mounts received all the crucial information needed about the installation environment to design and manufacture the modular videowall mounting frames, ensuring that the Samsung displays will line up perfectly.<br><br>

Premier Mounts developed the custom videowall mounting system so that it will securely attach to the airport building structure and allow maximum airflow behind the Samsung displays, the company says. The videowall will also offer precise, fine-tune adjustments for display alignment.<br><br>

Alliance Airport Advertising, which develops and manages all of the airport's advertising contracts, is largely responsible for solidifying the McCarran-Samsung-Premier Mounts project. "This project has taken hundreds of hours of research and collaboration between Samsung, McCarran, Alliance, Premier Mounts, and the other contractors who will help design, build, install and operate this system, " said Shauna Forsythe, chief executive officer of Alliance. "We did a lot of research before selecting Premier. When this wall goes up we have to know that the mounting system is precise. There's no room for error, and we are confident that Premier Mounts is going to deliver that expertise. They've been great to work with and we're all very excited to move forward with this landmark videowall."