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AM65 & AM95 Slim Mounts: Thin Next-Generation Panels Find a Match
Posted on Friday, February 10, 2017


AM65 & AM95 Slim Mounts: Thin Next-Generation Panels Find a Match

Whether you’re planning show-stopping digital signage or an eye-catching thin flat panel in a key location, new AM65 and AM95 articulating mounts from Premier Mounts take easy-install digital displays to new heights! Premier Mounts is proud to announce these two new additions to our versatile Full Motion Mount line. Slim articulating wall mounts, the AM65 and AM95 are a natural mate to the newer, thinner flat panel screens making their presence felt around the globe. An aesthetically pleasing design allows for full motion use with small and large format displays.

In other words? Thinner equals better.
Offering an extremely quick out-of-the-box install, the AM65 and AM95 are complete and on the wall in minutes. We wanted our new offering to be a snap to use – no previous digital display wall mounting experience necessary – with an engineered simple design that can be deployed right away. This new offering fits smoothly into our articulating mount family, providing end users with the ability to hold impressive weights with an extremely thin profile. Commercial-grade options, the AM65 and AM95 are ideal for the businesses and venues ready to wow clients without having to invest a lot of time in a digital display upgrade.

We asked our clients what they needed, and created this product based on years of specific feedback. The demand was clear: “We want a mount that provides a slim, against-the-wall design.” Check. “We want a mount that is easy to install.” Check. “We need an option that complements our new extra-thin flat panel displays.” You got it.

In a world of increasing complexity, we keep things simple in the best sense of the word: our mounts are high quality. They get the job done, and done well. The AM65 and AM95 join a long tradition of excellence and meet up-to-the-minute mounting requirements for the newest digital display technology. These mounts practically put themselves on the wall.

Intuitive Design Meets User-Friendly Operation

The AM65 is an ultra-slim, articulating mount with 18.3 inches of extension, 12 degrees of tilt and 45 degrees of swivel. View your display at almost any angle you choose – it allows for lateral shifting. Full motion movement and versatility gives users the chance to adjust optimal viewing locations. A single stud mounting solution, the AM65 can hold up to 65 lbs., more than the weight of most standard 55 inch displays.

Cable management channels are built into the arm to keep power cables protected when pulling or pushing the display to your desired angle, and the open wall plate allows clear access to cable and power connections.

Big Features in A Slim Package

The AM95 is a top-quality articulating mount with 18 inches of extension, 45 degrees of swivel and 12 degrees of tilt. It allows for lateral shifting and a significant degree of movement for several viewing options. Designed to be mounted into two studs for extra rigidity, the AM95 holds up to 95 lbs. With versatility as a key feature in its design, the AM95 was created to be ADA compliant with a flat depth of only 2 inches.

Add a slim display to this mount and you have a very sleek, against-the-wall design. Among articulating mounts, the AM95’s lean design pairs perfectly with the evolution of large, sleek flat panel displays in use today. Features for cable management are provided within the arms, and an open wall plate provides clear access to connections.

About Premier Mounts

Premier Mounts prides itself on listening to what our customers are saying. The AM65 and AM95 were developed directly out of these conversations. We are proud to deliver a result that will have business owners and operators everywhere smiling. Premier Mounts sees ourselves as collaborators; our goal is to make our partner businesses look good. An internationally recognized leader in the engineering and delivery of innovative mounting solutions for 40 years, Premier Mounts provides state-of-the-art, top-quality mounting systems for A/V installations in any setting. For more information on the exciting AM65 and AM95 mounts, please visit, or call (800) 368-9700.

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