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Premier Mounts Enables Stunning LED Display Solutions + Efficient Maintenance
Posted on Friday, February 3, 2017


Premier Mounts Enables Stunning LED Display Solutions + Efficient Maintenance

The EPIC Series of Direct View LED Mounting Solutions is democratizing the deployment of LED, delivering the high performance and efficient maintenance top integrators demand in creating complete installation success for clients.

As LED becomes the standard choice for premium projects in applications as diverse as broadcasting, hospitality and retail, the decision-making process will evolve from the pursuit of cutting edge display, to one of methodical total cost consideration and holistic installation results. While Direct-View LED gets thinner, brighter—and more cost effective—integrators must focus on complete solutions to focus on customers needs.

With old LCD solutions, and the plasma that preceded them, the industry lived in a heavy, complex world preoccupied with easy installation. With heavy-duty mounting, complex cabling, and poor panel accessibility, facilities were burdened with replacement costs and labor, because maintenance was cumbersome.

Today, with Direct-View LED, not only do we have the promise of beautiful—even flexible—display fit for any environment, but we can fulfill the true promise of effective mounting solutions in reducing total costs, which boil down to a few key drivers:

  • Installation success and performance
  • Maintenance costs and time
  • Replacement

In a recent market survey, Premier Mounts learned that integrators cite maintenance accessibility as their number-one challenge in mounting solutions, followed by complexity, signaling that simple, well-designed maintenance-friendly mounting-solutions are critical to installation success.

So important is serviceability to the big picture, in fact, that 80% of integrators said they would purchase and recommend a more expensive mounting solution that is more user and maintenance friendly.

And in a powerful endorsement of Premier Mounts’ capabilities and philosophy, 90% said customization and engineering services are important from their mount providers.

The EPIC LED series mounts achieves all of this, helping advance the industry from the wow factor of LED, to the logic of it’s superior total-cost structure.epic-logo-2

Its scissor design (motor optional) enables instant, easy access. And with limited mounting standards in LED, the FXSA, front runner of the EPIC line of mounts, bucks the trend, with easy panel installation.

With the new promise of LED display bringing total-cost economics to AV, the EPIC series is the professional’s choice for mounting premium LED display ranging from Samsung to Planar. And with lighter, thinner, brighter as the end-user’s goal, the EPIC series is the integrator’s choice for the reduction and sustainability of low totals costs through improved installation results and a paradigm shift in total costs.

Date: Sep 21, 2016
Date: Sep 21, 2016
Date: Sep 21, 2016
Date: Sep 21, 2016