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Premier Mounts - The Safest Mounts on the Market Put to the Test
Posted on Monday, December 12, 2016
The Safest Mounts on the Market Put to the Test

In 1894, the Underwriter’s Electrical Bureau of the National Board of Fire Underwriters was started by William Henry Merrill, with the purpose of testing non-combustible insulation materials. Within five years, the company had published an index of 1,000 laboratory test reports that detailed the safety performance of a multitude of products, including arc lamps, circuit breakers, alarm boxes and flexible cords.

Today, the same company, now named UL, has continued to expand its testing certifications to include A/V mounts. In order to ensure the highest level of quality and safety, Premier Mounts strictly adheres to the UL standards for each and every one of its products.

Engineering design is an incredibly detailed process. Every product must be meticulously thought out and tested for functionality and reliability. At the forefront of these engineering concerns is safety. At Premier Mounts, we ensure our products can withstand four times their maximum weight limit, far exceeding industry requirements. Our customers can truly be confident their mounts are the most secure on the market.


The Premier Mounts testing process complies with the UL standards and ensures all products are reliable and safe. The tests are conducted in a controlled test room with reinforced walls and the ability to apply downward and outward forces of up to 10,000 lbs. A steel structure with load cell and actuator is used to apply the test loads to the mount prototypes. To validate new designs, product prototypes are manufactured and tested to their maximum weight limits to review functionality. Next, weights are increased four times. If the prototype fails this test, it’s back to the drawing board. If it passes, the prototype is loaded until failure to determine its ultimate strength as well as examine failure modes. Only once a prototype has proven it is fully functional under its maximum working load, and has been successfully tested to a safety factor of four, will it be manufactured for customers.

Since all our mounts are designed to the UL standard and are able to support four times the maximum working load, should any OEM customer request the UL certification we can simply send our product to UL for official testing instead of redesigning our products. It’s that easy.

Just as UL helps customers through its product testing and certification process, Premier Mounts is meticulous in its product design and testing to ensure its mounts will stand up to the job and then some. With nearly four decades of industry experience, Premier Mounts has expertise across the entire mount development process. From engineering design to testing and installation, our team is ready to support your business with the safest A/V mounting solutions on the market – all manufactured and tested to UL standards. You won’t find that anywhere else.

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