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Premier Mounts - 5 Keys to Successfully Installing Digital Signage for Retail
Posted on Tuesday, December 20, 2016
5 Keys to Successfully Installing Digital Signage for Retail

Digital signage has revolutionized the retail space. In recent years, digital display technology has made huge strides, resulting in stunning, crystal clear picture and video displays in-store for an incredible shopping experience. To fully take advantage of the many benefits digital signage offers, it is important to understand the complexities and common mistakes associated with implementing this technology.

To the casual observer, a digital sign is simply a display affixed to a wall or other surface with a mounting device, but there is actually a significant level of complexity involved when properly mounting a digital display. Mounts must do more than support the weight of the digital sign. An optimized mounting system is required to minimize installation and maintenance time. It must also be adequately designed to accommodate the display size and mounting location.

When searching for a digital signage mounting system, here are five key things to keep in mind to avoid costly mistakes others have made.

  1. Digital signage may appear simple, but it is actually a complex system that combines many technologies – including the display, network connection, and the mount. It is critical to create a system in which all elements are compatible for a successful installation.
  2. Be selective when choosing companies to purchase and install digital signs. Not all companies are a one stop shop for a digital signage solution. Choosing experienced and reputable partners is essential to mitigating the risk of an inadequate digital sign installation.
  3. The cheapest sticker price for a mount is not likely to be the cheapest mounting solution. Understanding the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a mount is critical to reducing overall costs. Consider whether you’ll be able to adjust the display in its final location. Think about stress and structural issues, and calculate maintenance costs when choosing display mounts to truly determine how the costs add up.
  4. Mount designs have different installation requirements, which can result in drastic variations in installation time and overall cost. Cheaper mounts with fewer features and less adjustability could cost less up front but take longer to install, resulting in a total cost far exceeding other mounting options.
  5. The complexity of digital signage can multiply with the addition of multiple monitors of various sizes and display orientations. The installation location can also present integration challenges, as there could be structural variations or accessibility constraints. Partnering with a mounting solutions company who provides stock products and full custom capabilities along with engineering services can help ensure a safe and successful installation even when the requirements of the project involve unique structures, massive digital display sizes, and artistic shapes.

At the end of the day, a digital sign is only good if it’s working and keeps working. Planning and the digital sign and mount design is essential to managing risks and ensuring a successful installation. A digital display that is mounted improperly and can’t be adjusted easily, or one that fails to integrate properly, is an expensive and unacceptable outcome. Carefully selecting compatible components and reputable service providers will help ensure your digital sign functions properly and is easily maintained for an overall lower TCO.

Implementing digital signage in a retail location is only a value-added solution if it is done correctly. Failure to truly understand the complexity and risks associated with this amazing technology can lead to a fruitless and costly outcome. With nearly four decades of A/V mounting experience, Premier Mounts knows what it takes to design and install efficient mounting systems that enhance the shopping experience, and are easily installed and maintained for optimized display results.