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Premier Mounts - What Makes UMB the World’s Most Cost-Effective Digital Menu Board Mounting Solution?
Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Evolving government mandates requiring posted nutritional values, menu items that change throughout the day, and fluctuating prices due to seasonal shifts or shortages are all best displayed using digital displays that can be easily updated with a few keystrokes, rather than static printed signage that must be constantly replaced.

Digital menu boards also allow for easier and more effective advertising as new products and meal specials can be promoted across an entire network of systems via the internet. And the crisp, vivid pixels of high-resolution digital displays are proven to be better at upselling customers than the average employee, as restaurants that have integrated these screens tend to see higher sales.

With their exceptional functionality and amazing return on investment through increased sales, it’s no wonder restaurants are investing heavily in digital menu boards. And there is no partner more trusted to help bring these displays to your favorite eatery than Premier Mounts.

Founded in 1977, Premier Mounts has established itself as a leading manufacturer of projector mounts, flat-panel display mounts, carts and stands. Our top-flight engineers have designed the perfect mounting solution for digital menu boards: the UMB series mounts.

The UMB series represents the most cost-effective digital menu board mounts on the market today. We’ve specifically designed them with the installer as well as the end user – your customer – in mind. These display brackets offer fixed tilt positions from 0 to 15 degrees, in 5 degree increments to allow your customers the best viewing angle.  The mounts are versatile, allowing for both landscape or portrait orientation, and an adjustable foot pad provides adjustment to overcome wall unevenness.

As with all of our products, we’ve engineered our UMB series mounts for ease of access and installation so restaurants can deploy digital menu boards fast, and safely. A simple, compact design with minimal components means no complex pre-assembly, and uses less cardboard packaging that might otherwise fill up refuse bins. The use of commercially available unistrut found in retailers like The Home Depot or Lowe’s lowers total cost of ownership, allowing for a faster return on investment.  It also reduces the time required for set-up, and installers can easily carry unistrut and the brackets on their truck for multiple jobs instead of bulkier mounting options that will take up space.  And the load tested hardware provides assurance to stakeholders, knowing their investment will hold up to the test of time over the heads of your most precious asset, your customer and your employees.

Whether you’re looking to install digital menu boards within a single restaurant or a thousand, the UMB series provides an easy, cost-effective mounting solution that is lean and repeatable for chains and franchises. Rigorous testing guarantees safety and superior performance, so UMB series mounts will never fail when correctly installed.

Let us help bring your restaurant into the 21st century with dynamic digital menu boards, proven to be a hit with customers. Connect with the Premier Mounts Solutions’ Group for more information about the UMB series and our digital signage solutions today!