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Premier Mounts - How to Keep Your Drive-Thru Moving
Posted on Monday, June 13, 2016
Premier Mounts - How to Keep Your Drive-Thru Moving

That early forecast of occasional showers has quickly evolved into a downpour.  The sky is dark.  There’s not a single customer in the whole place.  And you’d be surprised to see anyone walk through the door anytime soon.  On days like this, the drive thru is your bread and butter.  Then again, it’s always about the drive thru.  But, today, that drive-thru is the bloodline that keeps your business pumping. When the weather’s this bad, even customers who don’t usually stop for fast food are more likely to make a detour for the drive thru.  Rainy days are good for fast food.

Then, 10 minutes into your lunchtime rush, the rain shorts the power to your drive-thru display.  Business backs into a bottleneck, then stops completely. There’s always tomorrow.

But when tomorrow comes around, you discover someone has brushed their car up against your drive-thru display, grinding lines of white paint into the face of your sign.

The debt of the previous day’s losses seem like pocket change compared to the money you’ll need to put out to repair your outdoor signage—not to mention the impression the damage will make on customers.

Drive-thru service provides invaluable convenience.  But, as exterior installations, drive -thru signage must withstand exposure to harsh environmental conditions—weather, traffic, and vandalism, to name a few.  Many of the maintenance challenges that come with drive-thru signage can be avoided with effective products, installation, and service.

Designed for Samsung’s OH-D Series Displays, Premier Mounts’ manufactures a line of weather-resistant outdoor mounts specifically engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of use in drive-thru settings.  Providing a louvered back that combines easy access with efficient airflow and cooling, Premier Mounts’ mounting solutions protect displays from the effects of high heat and cold.  Adjustable to single, double, or triple display configurations –in portrait or landscape orientations, Premier Mounts are designed to maximize your installation options.  To protect against the elements, an angled hood at once prevents snow and rain accumulation while shading displays from the impact of solar heat.  Encased in a heavy duty, theft-deterrent frame, these mounts offer concealed power box(es) wrapped in finished look perfect for drive thru displays.

Premier Mounts possesses the necessary expertise to map out effective installation designs that minimize the dangers of long-term wear and tear.  We know how to develop installations designed to fit budgetary needs.  And, in the event that accidents lead to unforeseen damage, our installations come backed up with the same expert service to insure that displays stay up and running over the long term.

Installation is about more than the technical work of setting up equipment.  At Premier Mounts, installation involves the strategic transformation of space.  Effective installation is not merely a process; it’s an investment.

Businesses weather all kinds of storms.  Premier Mounts offers more than products; it offers partnership, a culture of support and industry-leading expertise.