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More than Meets the Eye: Premier Mounts’ Passion and Experience
Posted on Sunday, June 26, 2016

Any business owner will tell you that more goes into their products or services than meets the eye.  So when selecting a partner to do business with, it’s important to find one that puts the same passion and experience into providing your solution as you do in your own organization.

Premier Mounts is one such partner.

As Grant Cossey, General Manager, Products Division at Premier Mounts points out, their 40-year track record of providing the highest quality mount products speaks for itself.  “We stock over 700 products, for more than 24 vertical markets,” says Cossey, but the passion is apparent all the way back to the design and engineering phase.

“We make one of the best, highest quality mounts on the market, no question,” says Ross Divanfard, Engineering Manager.

And Premier Mounts has the track-record to back up that statement.  According to Divanfard, the passion extends to more than just the mount.  Premier Mounts designs all its hardware with ease of installation and access for AV maintenance in mind.  Load testing ensures your investment in AV is protected, while American-based manufacturing allows for shorter lead times and custom solutions.

“Industry expertise and personal service are hallmarks of Premier Mounts,” confirms Cossey.  “Whether you’re an integrator or installer, architect or design firm, we know how to help you find the right solution for your audio visual needs.”

Watch the video to learn how Premier Mounts is putting their passion and experience to work for your business.