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When Failure’s Not an Option: Premier Mounts AV Solutions for Healthcare
Posted on Monday, May 9, 2016
When Failure’s Not an Option: Premier Mounts AV Solutions for Healthcare

In today’s high-tech hospital environments, the expectation of both patients and staff is that the most current audio-visual equipment will be utilized to provide the highest quality patient care and hospital stay experience.  From flat screens in patient rooms, to monitors used in procedure rooms and operating theaters, the need for dependable viewing of entertainment, communication and medical data is essential.  The expectation that these devices will be available for use, fully functional and able to fit the specific task they are designed for is essential for caregivers.

Many of the products involved in providing this environment are the result of careful planning and a wide range of mounting solutions available from Premier Mounts.  In hospital settings, Premier Mounts products are utilized for safely housing interactive patient care devices used in touch panel displays, patient room comfort devices, high tech operating rooms, training and education devices, and monitoring and security systems.

Critical information during surgery and procedures is transmitted from scopes to monitors.  This information guides the surgeon’s hand and doctor’s utilizing endoscopy equipment to make internal assessments on which to base further treatment.  Although often taken for granted by healthcare providers and patients, for those whose duty it is to engineer a fully functional and safe environment in which to provide healthcare services, the dependability of mounting equipment is of utmost concern.  Knowing that there is a product line available through Premier Mounts that can fulfill all their various needs is vitally important.

Transforming the AV equipment used in the hospital from the shipping containers to the intended area of use, mounted safely in a manner that will be fully functional, depends on mounting technology and the use of carefully engineered hardware that can withstand the rigors of a heavy workload where AV equipment failure is not an option.  The need for easy access to repair or replace damaged equipment is an important feature of these products.

Serving complex markets like healthcare is not new to Premier Mounts.  After 39 years building a reputation for quality and innovation, we have emerged as leading solutions providers in the audio-visual industry.  Premier Mounts works closely with major display manufacturers and customers all over the world to develop and support new products.  Products like the AM18W Adjustable Height Swingout Mount for Small Flat Panels.  With 90° of omni-directional movement and 63in. of extension, the AM18W is designed specifically to meet the demands of a critical or urgent care environment.  Cable management ensures the signal is protected, while flat panels up to 18lbs can be tilted, swiveled, or rotated to provide AV support for the most demanding of healthcare situations.

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