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Solutions Flash: Ceiling Suspended "Floating" Video Wall for Bar & Restaurant
Posted on Thursday, October 15, 2015

This week’s Solutions Flash involved a ceiling suspended, 4-sided "floating" video wall, to be featured in a Bar & Restaurant. Contact a Solutions Expert with your challenge by calling 877.472.2991, or emailing: [email protected]

The Challenge

Application:  4-Sided "Floating" Video Wall 360° Visibility Ceiling Suspended

Property:   Bar & Restaurant

Opportunity: Ceiling suspended video wall in a 4x2 back-to-back configuration with 1x2 display endcaps to be visible from any area of the bar & restaurant.

Video wall must have minimal visible structure, and have an aesthetic appeal that avoids an industrial look & minimizes viewer distractions.

Video wall must be rigid enough to keep entire system connected and in place.


The Solution - Action Taken

Premier Mounts used the award winning Symmetry Series stock products to create a configurable video wall solution that appears to float in midair, with minimal aesthetic intrusion of mechanics, structure, or distractions from the video wall images.

The Symmetry Series is comprised of a two-component system: an interface bar and sets of display brackets that allow for fine tune alignment of seams.

AST-2446 ceiling drop pipes and Symmetry Pole adapters were included to ceiling suspend the video wall. To tie it all together in a rigid structure, custom corner plates were incorporated to achieve the desired results.

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