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Go/No Go Gauge measures critical spacing between video wall displays to avoid costly repairs and replacement Fullerton, CA (June 11, 2014) – Premier
Posted on Thursday, June 12, 2014
Go/No Go Gauge measures critical spacing between video wall displays to avoid costly repairs and replacement   Fullerton, CA (June 11, 2014) – Premier

Modular design provides for expansion from single, to double or triple displays


Fullerton, CA (May 6, 2014) – Premier Mounts, an internationally recognized leader in manufacturing innovative mounting solutions, resolves implementation challenges for outdoor digital signage used to relay information such as, menus, public announcements, venue and transportation information, etc., with the release of the Habitat Outdoor Digital Media System Enclosure. The Habitat is a model-specific enclosure dedicated to the LG 47WX50MF-B, IPS Edge, LED, Full HD and Open Frame Monitor, which delivers a High Brightness rating of 2000nits with Shine-Out technology. The modular design enables conversion from single, to double or triple display expansion using the same enclosure base. The dimensions are fixed at 61-1/2” (H) x 11-3/4”(D) for any of the three modular designs, with width ranging from a minimum of 26-3/4” to a maximum of

80-1/4”, depending on the number of displays.


“Business owners would readily increase revenue by utilizing the benefits of outdoor menu boards and digital signage, but they face a number of challenges within the implementation and operation processes,” states Rich Pierro, co-CEO, Premier Mounts. “Because these challenges had not yet been resolved, stakeholders were prevented from moving forward with outdoor digital signage business integration. Premier Mounts’ Habitat Outdoor Digital Media System line is the bridge connecting those who want to integrate outdoor digital signage to the solutions they’ve been seeking, and our new Habitat line is the solution that will provide years of hassle free, revenue generating benefits.”   


Invest in Design with the Future in Mind


The Habitat Outdoor Digital Media System design allows for future expansion using base components that are compatible across the Habitat product line. “The Habitat is modular for those who want to test the return on objective (ROO) of outdoor digital signage, “says Pierro. “This line of outdoor media enclosures will allow customers to place a single unit in place, and after the system has proven its ability to increase revenue, simply add a 2nd or 3rd media enclosure to it later.” 


The Habitat line also provides front and bottom access, with no back or side conduit to interfere with placement against back and sidewalls for maximum placement versatility – it can be pedestal or wall mounted. The product-specific LG 47WX50MF-B provides visual excellence and clarity with its High-Brightness Screen, which boasts a Luminance Rating of over 2000nits, for long-term customer satisfaction and 24-hour outdoor visibility function.


Temperature Control for ROI Goals


With any electronic component, equipment temperature stabilization is essential to long-term operation and performance. Outdoor digital signage displays running on indefinite schedules are kept under climate control with the Habitat Enclosure high-flow air curtain, which maintains an operating environment of -20°C to +40°C without air conditioning.


According to Pierro, “Any malfunction of equipment places a serious risk to the Franchisor and the Franchisee. An interruption of the revenue stream is simply unacceptable and so the selection of equipment is vital to business operations. Equipment must be reliable and offer years of uninterrupted service, it needs to be quick to install and simple to maintain. Risk reduction assessment like this is essential to the decision making process when the outdoor elements are at play.” 


Security at Every Angle


With outdoor placement, comprehensive security is essential. The Habitat Outdoor Digital Media System provides theft-deterrent Security Key Latches to keep your display investment safe, and is built with galvanized treated steel for protection from external impact or collisions. The internal display features QWP Polarizer to refract sunlight so that customers wearing polarized lenses can still view the display without visual interference and the display is protected with 6mm of laminated, shatter-resistant and anti-reflective glass. Enjoy full ROI with full peace of mind by implementing Premier Mounts’ Habitat: Where Outdoor Digital Signage Exists.