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Illuminating Generosity: Planar Video Walls Up-Level Donor Appreciation
Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Illuminating Generosity: Planar Video Walls Up-Level Donor Appreciation

Feb. 14, 2024 - Education institutions need continuous funding from alumni, boosters, community partners, local businesses to continue operations. Visual, public expressions of gratitude toward these major benefactors has always been important for schools as it instills a sense of pride in many donors and encourages continued giving. But the banners, bulletin boards and small displays of yesteryear are no longer an appropriate reflection of the importance of these critical contributions.

Here are some examples of how schools can elevate donor recognition by using modern wall display technology, turning spaces into successful showcases of the generosity that fuels the college or university.

Duke University's Immersive Interaction with Alumni

The Karsh Alumni and Visitors Center at Duke University demonstrates the transformative power of immersive technology in fostering a profound connection with alumni. It features an impressive 24' x 7', multi-point touch, fine pixel pitch Planar LED video wall. Visitors come and explore Duke's narrative, history, its visionary future, and compelling stories featuring noteworthy alumni, donors, and students.

Duke not only uses the interactive video wall to personalize the visitor experience with nimble digital signage that further makes alumni feel they are right at home at Duke, but it can also highlight key donors.

People can approach the video wall with an app open on their smartphone and the software will recognize the proximity and display personalized content on the video wall specific to that person. Imagine being a donor and walking up to the wall, only for it to change to a 'thank you' message with your name and likeness on screen. The feelings that kind of experience can evoke are what the university likes to call the "Forever Duke" spirit, and invites people to leave as lifetime ambassadors for Duke.

Mount Sinai Hospital's Big Recognition

While not a university, Mount Sinai Hospital's donor wall is another example to emulate. The Toronto hospital wanted to make a big and bold statement in its lobby that demonstrated how much it values the philanthropy it receives.

After initially using a tiled LCD video wall, the hospital transitioned to a seamless 36' x 6' fine pixel pitch LED video wall which elevated visual aesthetics and eliminated issues of bezels interfering with on-screen text. The hospital lists donors, presents messages, shows graphics and videos and can quickly react to something or change the content that is displayed. According to Vince Rozas, Director of Design and Production at the Sinai Health Foundation, when they want to welcome a donor or call attention to a major gift announcement, they highlight those with a full takeover on the LED surface with clean animations and bright colors that are very eye catching.

The video wall is an impressive canvas for the foundation to recognize its donors.

West Virginia University Deepens Donor Bonds

West Virginia University's Milan Puskar Center is home to Mountaineer football and features state-of-the-art LED display technology to engage fans and donors, transform athlete experiences and provide the football program a fresh and competitive edge for recruiting with state-of-the-art amenities.

The centerpiece of Puskar Center's Hall of Traditions is a 38-foot-long, 9-foot-high Planar LED video wall that can easily change content from showcasing historic highlights to amplifying fundraiser events, serving as a powerful tool for appreciating and attracting new donors, fostering deeper connections, and inspiring increased contributions to support WVU's athletic endeavors.

Give and Receive

Acknowledging those who give is important for higher education institutions. Doing so in a memorable, high-profile way like graphics on a large or unique video wall not only instills school pride but can also entice more giving.

Are you ready to learn more about the various roles Planar display solutions play in education? Visit and discover how they can illuminate your campus and shape your institution's visualization future.