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The Planar® UltraRes™ L Series are easy-to-install Full HD resolution all-in-one interactive MicroLED displays. They features on-board processing, audio, power from one 110V cable, multi-point touch a
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Elevating Athletic Recruitment with Planar’s Display Solutions
Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Elevating Athletic Recruitment with Planar’s Display Solutions

Nov. 28, 2023 - In today's college and university athletics landscape, signing and retaining top-tier athletic talent has become increasingly challenging. With new NCAA Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) policies allowing student-athletes to make money from their personal brand, and new rules making it easier for athletes to transfer schools and retain their athletic eligibility, student athletes have more choices about what school they'll attend and play for. For universities to remain competitive in landing recruits, they must be able to speak to the desires and interests of today's athletes and do whatever they can—within the rules— to stand out from the other school down the road.

Modern display technology that helps provide unforgettable, jaw-dropping experiences has become a pivotal differentiator and advantage for many schools. Conversely a lack of modernization proves a significant disadvantage for schools that don't deliver what today's recruits expect.

Imagine being 17 and stepping into an arena where the energy is palpable, and the walls themselves become dynamic storytellers of victory, heritage, and indomitable team spirit. Clips featuring the school's legends and wins for the ages are proudly displayed on a huge video wall, never to be forgotten. Just then, a towering digital image of you, donning the team's sleek new uniform appears beside those legends of the game, and you see some of your best highlights appear on that same digital canvas.  It's electric and you can't help but imagine yourself becoming a part of the school lore.  

Let's take a look at how some universities have enhanced their athletic facilities to drive excitement and engagement that helps them recruit, retain and hype up athletes.

University of Oregon's 'O-Hub': A Circle of Inspiration

Within the bustling atmosphere of the Ducks' Matthew Knight Arena and outside the home locker rooms exists the 'O-Hub,' where three hallways join in a distinctive space that mimics the curvature of Oregon's "O" logo.

Before going out on the court, the team gathers with fans from the student section in the O-Hub and forms a circle to chant, completely surrounded by their likeness and other digital content designed to hype them up.

The O-Hub was transformed with the installation of high-resolution Planar® CarbonLight™ CLI Flex™ Series LED video walls that bend to the uniquely curved space. This visual upgrade enriches the pre-game huddle experience for the basketball and volleyball teams, amplifying the team's excitement in the arena while doubling as an innovative recruitment tool to showcase the university's commitment to cutting-edge facilities and team traditions.

Outside of game time, the video walls switch to 'Beyond Oregon' mode, which narrates the success stories of past athletes, demonstrating the university's legacy of fostering talent that excels beyond collegiate sports.

West Virginia University's Tech-Transformed Tradition

At the Milan Puskar Center, Mountaineer football's storied legacy is celebrated on Planar LED technology.  Enhanced locker rooms feature five immersive, fine pixel pitch video walls, creating an electrifying atmosphere with synchronized lighting and music—perfect for recruiting or for generating pre-game energy. 

The new locker room also affirms the university's commitment to providing premier facilities for attracting elite football talent. 

The history and passion of Mountaineer football are celebrated in the Hall of Traditions where nostalgia and school spirit come to life on stunning 38' x 9' and 8' x 9' Planar® TVF Series LED video walls. The video walls serve as a museum of sorts and are complemented by towering displays in the lobby that captivate recruits, donors, and guests. 

University of Kentucky's Interactive Tribute

Kentucky Wildcats basketball has a rich history that prospective Wildcats can experience using interactive Planar® UltraRes™ Series 4K displays. Content not only honors legends of the past but also invites recruits to visualize their potential impact within the program. 

This level of engagement is crucial in making athletes feel valued and is a testament to the university's dedication to an unparalleled collegiate experience.

A curved Planar® CarbonLight™ LED ribbon above the lockers in the circular locker room offers a 360-degree "wow" experience with each player's information above their locker, inspirational messages, videos and even "thank you" messages to visiting donors. In the team lounge, Kentucky fosters camaraderie in front of a 13'x 8' Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Wall System specifically designed to promote relaxation and team interaction crucial for translating into on-court success. Together the displays create a dynamic, immersive environment that not only impresses recruits but also serves as a central point for players to unite and strategize, and fulfill their commitment to continuing a winning team culture.

Are You Ready?

Visually compelling experiences can do wonders for your school's athletic recruitment and fan engagement. 

With Planar's leading-edge display solutions, the potential is limitless. Think of the stories you could tell, the hype you could build and the history you could honor. If your institution is poised to revolutionize athletic engagement and connect recruits and fans with your teams through innovative display technology, we're excited to help you explore the possibilities and step into the future.

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