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NewTek transforms the way you create network-style TV content and share it with the world. From sports events, web-based shows, live entertainment, education, corporate communication and more—we give our customers the tools they need — with TriCaster-complete, multi-camera video production and streaming solutions; 3Play-slow motion instant replay systems, and LightWave-3D animation and VFX tools.

Model: TriCaster 1 Pro

TriCaster 1 Pro: a streamlined live video production system with support for 4K UHD switching, live streaming, recording, data-driven graphics, virtual sets, media publishing, and more.
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Tuesday Tutorial : Live Call Connect with TriCaster 2 Elite
Posted on Tuesday, September 8, 2020
In this video I show how to bring in calls from Zoom into the new TriCaster 2 Elite using Live Call Connect. Live Call Connect allows you to bring in calls to the TriCaster from various video conferencing applications like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Discord, TenCent just to name a few and bring them into your broadcast as if they were cameras physically connected to your system.
Model: TriCaster 2 Elite