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Nevion to extend the Flashlink CWDM range at NAB
Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Enhanced optical channel capacity also applies to Sublime routers

Nevion, formerly Network VPG, a leading video transport provider for broadcasters, service providers and government entities worldwide, introduces new Flashlink video transport products that enable an efficient and cost-effective way of transporting 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals. Flashlink signal processing and transport solutions are integral to the fully-managed video networking— across all network infrastructures—that Nevion brings to broadcasters and government agencies worldwide.
“We continue to innovate on a platform that revolutionized the broadcast market with powerful yet compact, low-energy optical solutions,” said Arne-Johan Martinsen, director of product management, Flashlink. “Our new modules can be deployed easily in a wide variety of settings—from permanent central facilities to temporary event venues—and offer the reliability and cost efficiencies we’re known for.”
Flashlink is known for its world-class optical converters, widely used by broadcasters for a range of inter- and intra-facility transport applications across the globe. The entire optical CWDM transmitter range now supports 18-wavelength channels. This capacity increase also applies to space-saving Flashlink Compact optical converters and the optical transmitters and receivers in the VikinX Sublime line of compact routers. When combined with the new Flashlink one-slot 18-channel, low-loss CWDM filter, these solutions provide customers with the industry’s most efficient and flexible optical transport.
Nevion adds 3G capability to its existing HD time division multiplexer platform, allowing broadcasters to pack up to eight asynchronous SD-SDI signals into one fully-compliant 3G-SDI stream. In line with Flashlink’s commitment to flexibility and high performance, these modules accommodate short-haul CWDM and DWDM optical transmitters and short- and long-haul optical receivers, making them ideal for any fiber transport application.
Flashlink’s extended audio embedder range has also been upgraded with 3G-SDI support. The AV-3G-XMUX is a highly integrated audio embedding module that provides simultaneous embedding and de-embedding of eight AES3 stereo digital channels from a digital 3G, HD or SD serial video signal. The new module supports all eight AES group audio channels in 3G-SDI level A and four AES group channels in 3G-SDI level B.
Since its inception more than a decade ago, the Flashlink product line has reflected a philosophy of meeting real-world signal processing and video broadcast distribution requirements with products that are easy for broadcasters to use. Flashlink products are recognized by high feature density with extensive control and monitoring capabilities and ultra-low power consumption, packed in attractively small form factors.