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Nevion and Xilinx to deliver joint presentation at VidTrans11
Posted on Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FPGA technology enables enhanced video over IP transport

Los Angeles, California, February 2, 2011 – Nevion, formerly Network/VPG, a leading video transport solutions provider for broadcasters, service providers and government entities worldwide, will give a joint presentation with Xilinx at VidTrans11, the Video Services Forum’s annual technical conference and exposition. Chin Koh, director of product management for Nevion’s Ventura products, and Matt Klein, principal engineer, power & broadcast technical marketing at Xilinx, will present ‘A reconfigurable transport system implementing SMPTE 2022-x enabled by FPGAs’. Taking place at 10.30am on Thursday February 3 at the Marina Del Rey Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles, California, the presentation will also cover the migration to 10Gb Ethernet with SMPTE2022-5,-6 on Xilinx FPGAs.
Nevion has developed enhanced video over IP transport solutions with a Xilinx Targeted Design Platform for the Broadcast market. Using Xilinx high-performance Virtex® FPGAs, boards, IP and reference design for implementing SMPTE 2022-2 and SMPTE 2022-1 for transmission and reception of compressed video on transport streams over IP networks with FEC protection, Nevion is able to quickly develop and implement functionality in its Ventura video over IP solutions.
The adoption of Xilinx’s Virtex-5 and Virtex-6 FPGAs enable Nevion to produce more integrated, cost-effective products with a faster time to market, and enable customers to migrate seamlessly and cost effectively to video over IP using their existing Ventura products. Nevion’s VS908 transport stream multiplexer/de-multiplexer is the first Ventura product to benefit from the implementation, and has already been deployed by several customers.
“Xilinx’s extremely powerful FPGA technology facilitates the functionality we need with very high levels of integration and competitive pricing,” said Andrew Osmond, vice president of engineering, Nevion USA. “We’ve used Xilinx components in the past and found the company to have the clearest broadcast focus and strategy alongside rational pricing models.”
“Xilinx Targeted Design Platforms enable broadcast system designers to take complete advantage of the flexibility and performance of our FPGAs to build full systems for driving the high-speed transmission and real-time processing of video in a full range of professional broadcast and video over IP applications, including SMPTE 2022-1/-2/-5/-6,” said Matt Klein, principal engineer, power & broadcast technical marketing, Xilinx. “By providing application-specific IP, reference designs and development tools in addition to FPGA technology, customers like Nevion can stay focused on product differentiation throughout the design cycle and into production.”