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Nevion delivers video over IP solution for CNBC in Asia Pacific
Posted on Monday, December 6, 2010

 Partners with Juniper Networks to provide live bi-directional contribution-quality video between downtown studio and Singapore Exchange

Nevion, formerly Network/VPG, a leading video transport solutions provider for broadcasters, service providers and government entities worldwide, has provided an end-to-end video over IP solution for regional business TV channel CNBC inAsia Pacific. Nevion partnered with Juniper Networks to deliver a solution that supports multiple real-time video links for live broadcasting from the Singapore Exchange.
Products from Nevion’s Ventura and Flashlink product lines, along with Juniper Networks’ high-performance Ethernet switches, provided an end-to-end solution for seamless video and data transport between a remote studio at the Singapore Exchange and CNBC Asia Pacific’s production center in downtown Singapore.It also provides greater scalability, allowing transmission of up to 15 SD-SDI video streams, and enhanced production capabilities with interactive communication between sites.
“In common with the financial markets we cover and the investment community we serve, we count on our production network to have absolute integrity and reliability,” said Peter Juno, senior vice president,International Operations, CNBC in Asia Pacific. “Real-time IP networking video feeds have plenty of potential benefits, but they mean little if they create any impairment of our quality-of-service. The Nevion-Juniper solution provides the performance, reliability and quality we need to embrace IP networking for professional TV production.”
Nevion Flashlink modules provide audio embedding into SD-SDI video at the transmitter sites and change-over switching at the receiver sites for non-critical video signals. With only 35Mbps allocated per SD signal, Nevion’s VS901 is used to provide visually-lossless JPEG 2000 compression of SD-SDI video for the highest possible visual quality over IP. The VS901 delivers compressed signals on two redundant paths to ensure the highest reliability, and the system requires less than 60ms of latency from end to end. MultipleVS908 modules each aggregate eight ASI video streams onto a single Gigabit Ethernet link, complying with SMPTE specifications for IP encapsulation and forward error correction. 
Nevion’s VS7700 modules provide intelligent perfect protection switching of the compressed video signals for guaranteed signal quality, instant switching to an alternate path in an outage, prevention of secondary outages, and no disruption of service. Switch events are invisible to downstream equipment, so they cause no risk of equipment reset. Protection is carried out in the compressed domain to ensure that downstream decoders are provided with an undisrupted flow of compressed video. This also allows the compressed video stream to be analyzed in real time for signal integrity monitoring and providing an overall view of video health. 
“In today’s competitive and fast-changing environment, costs must be minimized while maintaining the highest visual quality and lowest latency video,” said Oddbjørn Bergem, CEO of Nevion. “With standards-based products and innovative engineering, we were able to create a full video transport system over IP between CNBC Asia Pacific’s studio at the Singapore Exchange by integrating not only across product lines, but also with third-party solutions and existing infrastructure.”
Juniper Networks EX4200 Ethernet switches provide the IP network connection between the Nevion solution at the Singapore Exchange and Starhub’s Gigabit Ethernet network, and between the Nevion solution at CNBC Asia Pacific’s production center and Starhub’s network. The system has fully redundant Ethernet links between the Nevion solutions and the EX4200 switches, and between the EX4200 switches across the carrier network.