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Nevion announces new optical networking solutions at IBC
Posted on Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Nevion Flashlink Compact and optical Sublime routers make in-house optical transport easy and compact

August 26, 2010—Nevion, formerly Network/VPG, a leading video transport solution provider for broadcasters, service providers and government entities worldwide, will unveil new optical network solutions at IBC 2010 (booth #8.B70, RAI Amsterdam, September 10-14). Additions to Nevion’s Flashlink series and VikinX Modular and Sublime routing solutions greatly enhance broadcasters’ ability to easily upgrade to, support and manage 3G and HD.

 “The advanced features and control capabilities these products bring are critical to successfully managing the latest video formats,” said Nevion’s Norway-based chief technology officer Thomas Heinzer. “Customers have long trusted Nevion’s Flashlink and VikinX products for reliable, high-quality and cost-effective video transport, and they trust us to take them into next-generation transport technology. These products are proof of the bright future for these lines in the optical realm.”

The newly introduced, space-efficient Flashlink Compact optical converter together with the VikinX Sublime SL-3GHD router with optical I/O make the transition to HD-SDI and 3G-SDI short-haul applications easy, and ensure less sensitivity to electrical fields and interference, lighter cabling, and longer distance, providing better support for higher bit rates like 3G-SDI.

The new Flashlink HD-TD-3GMX-2 HD-SDI time division multiplexer is an ideal uncompressed HD-SDI transport module for inter-facility or long-distance networks. The module takes two asynchronous HD-SDI signals and multiplexes them into one fully compliant 3G-SDI stream. When used with the optional DWDM laser, the new product can transport 80 HD-SDI signals over a single fiber.

New additions to the VikinX router family also include the Modular 3GHD256256L 3G-SDI router that complies with all SDI and ASI formats for easy routing and configuration of 3D-HD, while adding signal processing, synchronization, audio embedding/de-embedding and optical transport, as well as the ability to control all features from one control panel.

Now more than 30 non-square configurations of 3GHD Sublime routers allow customers to create the optimum solution for their individual requirements while upgrading to a full, square- size router as needs grow and budgets allow. Also new at IBC, the SL-D32P+ configurable data router allows for expansion up to 128 ports, providing maximum flexibility.

Award-winning Flashlink solutions feature ultra-low power consumption—with no fans to clean or replace—attractively small but feature-packed form factors, and extensive control and monitoring capabilities. With VikinX, Nevion made its name in routing, inventing the ultra-compact, ultra-low power routing switcher more than a decade ago and now offering flexible, powerful routing solutions with the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.