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New Ventura products from Nevion provide a video gateway over IP
Posted on Friday, April 9, 2010


Aggregation, compression and multiplexing define innovative IP solutions at NAB
Nevion, formerly Network/VPG, a leading video transport solution provider for broadcasters, service providers and government entities worldwide, showcases a collection of Ventura products that provide aggregation and critical transport features for an effective video transport gateway over IP at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2010 at booth #N4624. The event takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on April 12-15.
To Dr. Chin Chye Koh, director of product management for Nevion’s Ventura family of products, the efficient aggregation of video signals across IP networks for content distribution of any kind—unidirectional, bidirectional, unicast or multicast—plus key compression and multiplexing technologies have far-reaching implications for IP transport.
“Designed to carrier-class specifications and features, these products integrate critical compression technologies—JPEG2000 and MPEG-2, and multiplexing—TDM, transport stream multiplexing and WDM, and mapping to IP to protect all network layers. These features ensure the contribution-quality that has been frequently lacking but is critical to efficient, high-quality transport from any source onto IP networks for multicast direct to the home – the critical element of success for IPTV.”
A single-slot Ventura card for transmitting and/or receiving applications, the VS908 can be used as a pair or individually, aggregating up to eight ASI video streams onto a single Gigabit Ethernet link. Compliant with SMPTE-2022 specifications for IP encapsulation and FEC, the VS908 protects against network congestion and ensures packet transmission.
For broadcasters who require high quality and low latency but face bandwidth limitations, the VS901 series provides JPEG 2000 compression with scalable quality over IP networks for both SD and HD video signals. The VS901-IED-GE codec network adapter is a high-quality compressor/ decompressor for HD-SDI and SD-SDI video transport over IP enabled networks and video storage on IP transport stream servers. Full rate control is provided to the user providing optimal use of available bandwidth.
With the VS198, carriers can take off-air video into their cable or IPTV distribution networks and directly service end users. The VS198 simultaneously receives up to four off-air 8VSB ATSC RF channels and maps them directly to DVB-ASI electrical outputs using a single antenna source. It can be used to aggregate off-air transmissions onto any ASI network, including IP, fiber, SONET/SDH. 
The VS411-HD module time division multiplexes four 270Mbps signals into one HD-SDI signal, allowing the use of standard HD infrastructure for transport and switching of the multiplexed signal. Each input signal is asynchronous ensuring that any input loss on any channel will not affect the remaining channels. A built-in routing switcher allows channel swapping on both multiplexer and de-multiplexer devices.
A multifunction optical interface solution in the high-definition group of the Ventura product line, the VS252-3G is a dual-channel module, supporting bit rates from10Mbps through 3Gbps. Each channel can be configured as an EO, OE or OO regenerator by installing transceivers or simplex SFP optical video modules. It can be operated in various modes, providing optical transport, protection and monitoring of 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, HD-SDTI, SD-SDI, DVB-ASI, and SMPTE-310M video.
All Nevion products are professional-grade video transport equipment and feature NEBS Level 3 certification for operation in harsh environments. Nevion adheres strictly to SMPTE, ISO and DVB-ASI video standards for signal performance and integrity, ensuring the highest quality and video integrity possible.